‘Younger’ Review: Lies, Lies, LIESa

“Younger” Ep. 402 (Airs 7/5, 10pm ET/PT)

Friendship. If there is one thing that I have learned in life, it gets complicated as you get older. Nothing gets easier. I mean you would think so, because everyone is growing and maturing. But with growth and maturity, there comes a whole new set of lies to live with.

At least that’s part of what Younger teaches me every week.

The second episode of Younger, “Gettin Hygge With It,” had me hating and wanting to tell Kelsey to wake the fuck up, thinking highly of Diana, and feeling sorry for both Josh and Charles.

Before I dive into the show, I will tell you where I find a fundamental issue. Kelsey is mad at Liza, sure – she has every reason to be. BUT – she is being no better herself, by knowing Liza’s lie and treating her like shit for it, all while making sure that Liza benefits her brand. Kelsey is just as much out to protect herself as Liza has been. So I am not sure why she doesn’t see the hypocritical nature of her actions. Is it because the would is so fresh?

Let’s break it down.


Kelsey is living with Josh and first of all, we’d like to say that’s just not cool. Like I don’t care what she justifies to herself – what she is doing is wrong.  But what I will admit is that I feel sorry for Kelsey. She’s had a lot happen to her and she wants to make sure to protect herself.

But I think we all know that we make the worst decisions in life out of spite and Kelsey is following in that footstep.

Lauren catches her coming out of Josh’s apartment and is shocked. But she calls Kelsi out on it to which Kelsi defends herself. She makes it clear that her and Josh are not hooking up. He just needed a roommate and she needed a place to stay.

So that day at work, Kelsey gets roses, and in her shroud of bitter bettyness she thinks they are from Liza, but realizes soon they are from Colin (you remember, her ex from last season). She, I am guessing in a fit of trying to make something normal in her life, decides to take him out with her and Lauren that night.

And then a few days later to a party at Diana’s. Oh Kelsey, what are you doing?? She brings Collin to a party where he asks to get introduced to her boss, Charles.

See Kelsey, I get being angry. I get being mad. But I also get standing your ground and not letting people walk all over you. And you did right here. You let Collin take advantage of you to be able to pitch his book. And it took Liza pointing it out to you for you to realize.

You deserve better.

When Kelsey and Collin leave the party, they are walking down the street and Collin becomes distracted by his own wants and ignores Kelsey so much that he doesn’t even notice that she’s gotten in a cab and left him.

Look, I feel for Kelsey, but she can’t act innocent here. She’s after her own wants and needs too. She’s worried about how she’s gonna get ahead. She’s kind of taken away all the sorrow that I can feel for her and left it with – you’re perpetuating the lie, so what’s the issue?


Maggie goes to get coffee and meets one of her fans. She thinks that the girl is hitting on her and doesn’t realize that the girl is genuinely a fan. So she invites the girl over to show her some paintings. The girl, Montana, tells her that she would love to be her assistant. Maggie takes this as an opening, a line, but Montana quickly tells her that she’s straight. I applaud Maggie’s reaction, moving on and forward – not embarrassed, but realizing that people genuinely appreciate her art. Looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of Montana, being as she’s now Maggie’s assistant.


So, Diana has decided to throw a party at her house and she’s relying on Liza for all the help. Liza knows that she’s good at her job, but I think that it’s good that she’s seeing the repercussions of her lie. Yes, only Josh and Kelsey know the truth, but like – she learns just how much Diana depends on her when she is helping get ready for the party at Diana’s.

Richard: It’s easy to see why Diana leans on you so much. I mean, you don’t have to be a therapist to know she has some trust issues, but not with you. You’re one of the few people she has complete faith in.

I don’t blame Liza for flinching, but at the same point I am not sure what it is that made Liza think that her lie would never have repercussions.

But I digress.

Back to Kelsey and Liza. No matter how mad Kelsey is, Liza puts her love and protectiveness above all. So she tells Kelsey that she doesn’t think that she should trust Collin. I think that Kelsey knows that she’s right, but in an effort to be protective of her own self and heart, she fights back. She doesn’t want to let Liza know that she is hurting. She just wants to hurt Liza.

I can understand that. But sometimes in life, you have to stop and put your heart on check and know that it’s not always about you. I think both of them need to do that. They are both hurting. They are both experiencing pain.

Neither one is fully in the right.

Liza – I think it’s good that she’s seeing just how much she’s hurting people. I think it’s good that she’s seeing just how much havoc she’s causing people.

I don’t view that as a bad thing. I view that as a she needs to come clean thing.

“Younger” Ep. 402 (Airs 7/5, 10pm ET/PT)


Speaking of havoc, Josh and Liza have been doing a great job avoiding each other. I think that at some point they are going to need to talk it out, but I will admit now is not the time.

Josh is angry. He’s hurt. But – he’s not over her. He’s not going to be until he gets closure. But like any dude, he won’t admit it.

When Liza and Josh run into each other, he’s frazzled and when she tries to make small talk, he’s even more frazzled. He doesn’t know how or who or what to be.

Look, what Liza has done is wrong. I get it. I am not denying it.

But what Josh is doing is wrong for himself. He deserves better.

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Younger airs Wednesdays on TV Land.

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