‘Younger’ Recap: “The Gift of Maggie”

The thing about Younger is that I feel like it figures out when you have to be hit in the feels and it decides that it is going to slap you right across the face and tell you that you know absolutely nothing.

I kind of feel like that is what Younger has been doing lately. It’s been paying attention and saying – you think that you know, but you have no idea what is going to happen. That is part of what I love so much about it. They decide to keep you on your toes, to hit you in the feels, and make you wish that you had never started down the path of pain.

Because, I tell you – Younger sets me on a path of pain and I love it. I thrive on what is going to happen next. I root for the character on Younger as if they were my best friends.

But this week had me cheering that they would get rid of Montana.

Let’s break it down.


So Montana brings Josh home. I am shocked about that one, because I thought that the only thing that we could count on her for was to be a high pitched overbearing cray cray. But even though for a second you think that she may really be the girl next door, you quickly realize she’s a hack.

Montana had an ulterior motive for being Maggie’s assistant. It wasn’t about her love for Maggie, it was about her getting a piece of Maggie’s art for her art show. And Josh quickly learns what Montana is doing. She’s taking other peoples art and putting her stamp on it (painting an outline of the state of Montana on it). Josh sees her doing it to Maggie’s piece of art and the thing is that you can always count on with Josh is loyalty.

He knows that Montana isn’t the girl he thought she was. I think he’s a little torn and when she quickly tells him that he should be supporting her, you see that Josh knows better.

When he gets back to the city, he tells Maggie what’s going on, that her art will be shown in Montana’s show. Maggie tries to act like nothing is wrong, but you can tell she’s mad and it becomes more evident when she texts Liza that she needs her. She shows up to Montana’s art show and puts her stamp back on her art. An by stamp, I mean she takes a knife and slices right through it.

YES MAGGIE! We love you.


You can’t knock Liza for knowing, well believing that “happy endings” aren’t something that everyone can bank on getting. Remember the author that passed away? Well they are looking for someone to ghost write under that name. So Charles and Liza are interviewing writers and let me just say that some are are crazy. Lord, can’t even.

But one came in and seems somewhat regular, only she tells them that she can’t deliver a happy ending all the time in romance. I think that it’s not a shock that Liza doesn’t think that happy endings are always necessary. She really hasn’t gotten one.

Liza’s love life has been full of pain, but then again – who is shocked. She’s put in that position because of all the lies that she’s told.

When Liza goes to rescue Maggie, when it’s all said and done, Josh finally talks to her. He wants to know why she did it – why she kissed Charles. I think what I am most impressed with next is that Liza tells Josh she needed to blow things up. She wanted him to have options. You could tell that she loved him enough to let him go.

And for that, I commend her.

She ends up telling Charles that the lady who couldn’t deliver happy endings wasn’t right for the job. Now, I don’t think that Liza got the typical happy ending, but knowing that Josh will be in her life – that is a happy ending for her. I am glad that she was able to see that.


Now business and pleasure are two separate things. I think that so many people don’t know how to do that. They cross the lines really easily, because they don’t know how to keep them seperate. For Kelsey, she’s in a position where that is happening to her for the first time that I can remember.

Remember Zayn – she’s dating him, but she’s also poaching his author. It’s a hard line for her, because she really likes him. Which – for Kelsi – I see that is really a hard choice for her. She’s had a life where she’s had to work so damn hard, she doesn’t want to give that up. But I am so proud of her because she is a girl boss and for Kelsey it doesn’t take a lot for her to reevaluate and put herself first.

She ends up poaching his author and you can tell that she is a little worried, because for the first time she in a relationship that she considers a future.

For awhile I hated Kelsey this season, but this season, I feel like she has found her redemption. She wants to be a good person. She’s finding that there are all these things in life that she can be a part of, that she can live, love and be more.

I am kinda proud that Kelsey is not holding herself back.

Younger airs on TV Land.

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