‘Younger’ Review: ‘Forged In Fire’

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The latest episode of Younger is still dealing with the aftermath of Liza telling Kelsey her big secret. While we knew the fallout would be extensive between these two, we’re really missing the Liza and Kelsey friendship we know and love. Younger’s latest episode “Forged In Fire” is one of the strongest episodes this season as it thrives on putting the pieces of Kelsey and Liza’s friendship back together.

One of the greatest qualities Younger has is the relationship between Kelsey and Liza. Since season one, the duo have represented a strong female friendship. Sutton Foster and Hillary Duff continuously do an excellent job at bringing these independent, female characters to life in such a real way and their friendship both on and off screen is extraordinary.

At the end of last season, when Liza finally spilled the beans to Kelsey about lying about her age, we knew there would be a fallout, but dang, we didn’t realize how painful it would be. Kelsey has cut off almost all communications with Liza, she’s moved in with Josh and basically has frozen Liza out of doing anything at Millennial. We’ve learned very quickly this season, not to cross Kelsey. We’re sitting here continuously hoping Kelsey doesn’t cross the line at sleep with Josh and this episode eased our minds a little.

In this week’s episode, Kelsey and Liza get invited to an exclusive bonfire for up and coming publishers. So, yes, Kelsey and Liza alone in the woods with no cell service. What could possibly go wrong? Kelsey’s continuing to not speak to Liza, which is pushing Liza further and further away from her, but little does Kelsey know, this is also pushing Liza away from Millennial. When someone offers Liza a job to start her very own young authors imprint, for the first time, Liza actually contemplates leaving Kelsey.

Now, while we don’t know what we do if we found out our best friend was actually 40 and not 26, Kelsey crosses a line we’re glad she remedies by the end of the hour. Charles asks Diana and Kelsey if they would be okay with giving Liza a promotion. Kelsey shoots it down instantly saying Liza can’t be trusted. While we know you are hurting Kelsey, we never thought you would jeopardize Liza’s career over this.

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Back to the bonfire! Kelsey decides it’s time Liza acts 26 and she takes her on a wild night of tequila shots and staying out late. She says Liza needs to pull off being a millennial better. Instead of talking to an older guy at the bar and drinking wine, she needs to be slinging back shots and getting rowdy. It’s funny, if Kelsey met me, she might think I’m also 40 because a glass of wine and discussing books seems like my kind of night.

As they leave the bonfire retreat, suddenly Liza’s phone lights up with hundreds of missed calls from her daughter, Caitlin. He appendix burst and she’s being rushed into emergency surgery. This is where the Younger we know begins to shine through. Kelsey immediatly snaps into best friend mode and helps Liza deal with the crisis. This leads to probably one of our favorite Kelsey and Liza moments on Younger, EVER.

Sitting at the airport waiting to here from Caitlin, Liza is blaming herself. She’s been so busy and then without cell service she hasn’t been checking on Caitlin. Kelsey assures Liza this isn’t her fault, even when Liza learns that Caitlin was ignoring her illness because she didn’t have enough money to pay for the doctor.

Eventually, Liza gets ahold of Caitlin and what happens is a simple gesture that speaks volumes! Kelsey is about to get up and leave when Liza grips to her forearm and makes her sit and stay. Liza needs Kelsey’s moral support. And just like that, we know Kelsey and Liza are going to be okay. THANK GOD!

Back at the office, Kelsey talks to Charles and insists on giving Liza a promotion and a raise. She’s even willing to take a pay cut if that’s what it takes. The BFF Kelsey we know and love is back and we’re so excited for where Liza and Kelsey’s friendship goes from here!

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Elsewhere in the episode, it looks like Josh is getting ready to move on from Liza. Maggie drops Josh’s remaining stuff off to him and Josh meets Montana, the hot barista Maggie has a crush on. The two immediatly connect and start flirting. And long story short, they end up making out and sleeping together in Josh’s apartment. The bad part though, Montana visits Maggie the next day wearing Josh’s leather jacket. So now Maggie knows. I guess the best part about this is that it will hopefully squash any fear we had that Kelsey and Josh would hook up. Again, THANK GOD.

Younger really finds its footing in the latest episode “Forged in Fire.” We see just what Kelsey and Liza’s friendship is made of and it makes us so happy. Kelsey and Liza look they’re on the road to recovery and we couldn’t be happier. Liza and Kelsey are the heart and soul of Younger and having them back together is the greatest.

Younger airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on TVLand

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