7 Things We Want from ‘The Originals’ Final Season

With only one season to go we’re anxious, desperate, and hopeful for every single episode and moment that we have with the Mikaelsons and the rest of their family. But there are some things that we definitely want/need to see when it comes to The Originals final season.

Non-negotiables like Caroline and Klaus finally reuniting, Freya and Keelin proving the “Bury Your Gays” trope wrong and having a happy ending like they deserve, and the burying of the hatchet when it comes to old grudges and even worse, spells by The Hollow aka the reason why they’ve been apart for 7 years.

It’s time to bring this family back together and never separate them again!

Here are 7 things we want from The Originals final season!

1. We want always and forever.


There needs to be a moment where all of them are standing together, hand in hand or arm in arm, and they say these words that have followed them from the very beginning. It has been a cornerstone of who the Mikaelsons are and what has kept them together through the centuries. And not so surprisingly they are family has grown along the way. Saying these words in the final moments of The Originals, with all the additions that they’ve gained throughout the years standing right by them, is a symbol of hope and a reminder of how much they love each other.

2. We want The Hollow destroyed.


The Hollow and the Mikaelsons efforts to save Hope by separating it into pieces within their own bodies, has kept them apart for far too long. We want the curse/spell keeping them apart to be brought to its knees and crushed out of existence. It’s time to bring everyone home, for Klaus to get to know his daughter and his daughter to get to know him in return, and time for them to be a family once more. They’ve sacrificed enough and it’s time to come home, to each other.

3. We want Klaroline.

Over 7 years ago, Klaus promised to show her the world and to be her last love. He saw her potential before she did and he basked in her light every moment he could. And even though they were opposites they gravitated towards  each other and learned from each other. I don’t see that changing for them when they see each other (multiple times) on The Originals season 5. They’re changed as people; stronger, more willing, and capable of great love. They’re ready for the next adventure and I believe that it’s going to be at each other’s side.

4. We want Freelin.

For 7 years these two women have loved together, lived together, and grown together. For the final season I want no random breakups or the vile “Bury Your Gays” trope to make an appearance. If they’ve survived 7 years together as a witch and werewolf they are past a lot of the initial hardships of being with a Mikaelson and are a strong front against whatever comes their way. Combine all this with the fact that we rarely get to see queer characters have a happy ending, and this becomes a necessity for queer viewers who are sick and tired of being shown that WE don’t get a happy ending. We do. And Freya and Keelin deserve to have one too.

5. We want Marcel and Klaus to make up.


It’s about time that these two bury the hatchet, let go of past hurt, and realize that they are family. Marcel IS a Mikaelson and he deserves to be included in “Always and Forever.” And Klaus needs to trust in Marcel and never let the fear that be will be forgotten if Rebekah and Marcel got together, go. They love each other and it’s tearing them, and us, apart watching them fight against it.



Julie Plec promised our characters finding peace at the finale. But if you remember how The Vampire Diaries ended, you know she’s got a way of redefining peace into something… different. That ending left a lot of people dissatisfied and I fear that The Originals is going to end that way as well. This family has suffered like no other and I want them to be happy, loved, and together when the screen goes black at the end of season 5.

7. We want another spin-off.

If The Originals could be a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries then we know there could be something more after this show ends. The CW has sunk its teeth into teen shows like Riverdale and I think they should do the same when it comes to Hope Mikaelson, the daughter of the first vampire/werewolf hybrid. She’s one of the most powerful witches of the world with the most powerful family at her back. This is a recipe for great drama and more opportunities to give us more vampires, witches, werewolves, and more!

What are you most excited for or want to see on The Originals?

The Originals final season premieres April 18th at 9/8c on The CW.


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