5 Life Lessons We Learned from ‘A Quiet Place’

Chances are you’ve heard about A Quiet Place. It’s a story about a family living, surviving, and trying to make it through the day in a world where monsters/aliens hunt by sound. And chances are, that if you’ve seen the trailer you’re ready to mark this movie off as a jump scare inducing horror movie with a touch of heart via the family.

You’d be wrong (kind of.) It is a horror movie. But it’s also so much more.

Love grows in A Quiet Place. Family survives in A Quiet Place. And there’s plenty of the life lessons to be learned from John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place.

1. The ASL Community is a Rich and Vibrant One


If you don’t experience something often, ignorance and our own reality of what is normal takes precedent. As someone who is not deaf or hearing impaired, I’ve never really thought about the ASL community or the lack of representation they have in the media I consume. And it wasn’t until this movie that I think I realized how beautiful, rich, and vibrant the ASL community truly is.

I’ve spent so little time thinking about this community and feel like my ignorance has lead me to think that speaking is the norm. But for many it’s not. And if they make such an effort to live in a speaking world then I can make an effort to live and learn more about their community.

You should too.


2. Surviving Takes Planning


You’ve got to give it to the Abbotts, they’re great planners. They pour sand where they walk and paint safe floorboards as to not make a sound. They leave their doors open so squeaky doors aren’t the end of them. And they use even felt toy pieces to play Monopoly and ear buds to listen to music. The Abbotts understand that the world around them could be the end of them and they have adapted as a means of surviving without losing the ability to live.

3. Forgive Yourself. Your Loved Ones Have Already Done So.


Sometimes we hold onto things for longer than is needed because we believe that we deserve it for hurting those that we love. What we don’t realize is that our loved ones care for us so much but they A) don’t know how to word what they feel B) are respecting your need for distance or even C) don’t know how to approach you because they’re just as afraid of disappointing you even though you’ve forgiven them already.

It’s a twisted tale we weave when we keep things to ourselves and don’t actually talk things out. So, do it. Open your mouth, talk to those you hurt, and most importantly, forgive yourself. They’ve already done so.

4. Life Can Survive at the End of the World

With aliens that hunt by sound it’s almost crazy to think that Evelyn is ready and willing to bring a child into this world. It’s also really hopeful and something you never seen in post-alien movies because they’re a liability. But like life lesson #3, Evelyn has it all planned. She’s not going to let those monsters destroy her life, the one of her families, or the one inside of her.

She KNOWS that life can survive pain, loss, and destruction. And she’s got the soundproof room and baby box (yes, I said baby box) to prove it!

5. Always Keep a Close Eye on Your Kids


Lastly, but most importantly, KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR KIDS AT ALL TIMES! This life lesson is turned into a law if you’re in a post-alien world where any noise can attract aliens. Kids sometimes don’t realize the magnitude of the things they do or the things we try to teach them. That’s why you’ve got to keep them close and make sure they don’t grab rockets THAT MAKE SO MUCH NOISE!

A Quiet Place is in theaters now!

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