Showcasing the Fans: The Best of ‘Timeless’ Tweets

The Timeless fandom has been taking social media by storm, and making us laugh and cry and just feel things just by looking at our twitter feed! So, today, we thought we’d share some of our favorite Timeless tweets from the past week – because if this show is still here, in the conversation for a Season 3, it’s because of this amazing fandom, and they deserved the recognition.

This truth:

This planned protest:

This talent:

This reality:

This burn:

More truth:

The beard:

The yuck:

Sure, Jan:


Pretty future babies:

This could actually apply to more than one person:

For future reference:

Marry me, Sony:

We got memes:

How about it? Got any more funny tweets I missed? Have Timeless feels to share? You know where to find me! (Or, leave a comment below. You know. Either works)

 Timeless aired Sundays at 10/9c on NBC. It has yet to be renewed for Season 3.

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