We Rank the ‘Timeless’ Deleted Scenes

Look, it’s been 84 years since the Timeless finale and we still have no news about renewal. We’re way past ansty, and we’re now at the eat everything in sight stage. The writers have been kind enough to try to keep us engaged (and happy) by providing us with deleted scenes, but we’re out of those now because IT’S BEEN SO DAMN LONG.

Deep breath. Deep breath. In, out. In, out.

So, yes, since we’re now onto script pages (don’t you just love these writers?), it seems like as good a time as any to go over all the deleted scenes we got. For reasons, and science and because it’s our job to keep talking about the show, lest NBC forgets about us.

And, of course, we HAVE to start with:

The Jewel of the Crown

The deleted scene we were all waiting for, and the one that has garnered the most buzz. Spencer and Lanter have electric chemistry, and in a season filled with angst, it’s no wonder people have watched and re-watched this scene over and over again.

The Lyatt


Oh, the Lyatt of it all. The writers leaned hard on their chosen OTP and gave us, arguably five scenes that advanced the relationship in some way or another, out of 11 deleted scenes. Now, if they’d only given us more than three episodes of happiness! But that’s what Season 3 is for, isn’t it? (YOU HEAR ME NBC?)

The setup

Depending on what goggles you’re using, this scene can be interpreted many different ways. It seems clear, however, that within the context of the story the writes were telling in Season 2, it’s there to set up Wyatt seeing Lucy walk out of Flynn’s room. It also does a good job of setting up Flynn as something other than the antagonist he’s been for most of this show’s run.

The Team


We just didn’t get enough Rufus in these deleted scenes. But is there ever enough Rufus? The answer to that is probably no. But here are a couple of team-specific scenes, and if there’s one thing we love about Timeless, it’s the team-as-family aspect.

The Crazy Family

This was a nice backstory scene, and one we kinda wish had stayed in. Lucy as a Rittenhouse descendant is both creepy and it adds a certain layer to every interaction with Emma.

The Denise

Episode 2×08 was one of our favorite episodes this season, and any extra-time with the beautiful Karen David, who did an awesome job at portraying the younger version of our bunker mom, is something we want to see!

The Bad Guys

Emma became a more compelling character in Season 2, to the point that, right now, we’re looking forward to any little tidbit the writers want to throw our way about her. See, NBC, more reason to give us a Season 3 – we’re just dying to see Emma as the head of Rittenhouse!

Timeless aired Sundays at 10/9c on NBC. It has yet to be renewed for Season 3.

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