‘Timeless’ Roundtable: Why We Need to #SaveTimeless

We’ve talked about this before. In fact, it feels like we’ve talked about this too much. And yet, Timeless still got cancelled, and we’re here again, trying to pick up the pieces. Trying to #SaveTimeless.

But why are we here? What makes this show the type of show we will never stop fighting for? What is it about Timeless that sets it apart from so many other shows we loved and lost? Well, buckle up, cause we have words.

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Here we go again. NBC has officially cancelled Timeless, after a brilliant Season 2. What do you have to say to NBC?

Lizzie: The first instinct is, of course, to say something not nice. But honestly, I think actions speak louder than words. I just won’t be watching NBC anymore. I’m not going to watch Manifest, which I was looking forward to, I’m not going to watch The Good Place, which I love, I’m not going to give This is Us a chance to wreck me, and I’m not even going to watch Sunday Night Football, which has been as staple in my life for longer than any TV show. I can hold a grudge, NBC, and my grudge stems not just from the fact that you cancelled Timeless because of outdated metrics, my grudge stems from the fact that it took you 6 weeks to do it – weeks we could have spent fighting to get the show a new home.

So that’s it. We’re done, NBC. We’re done.

Mimi: A BIG FUCK YOU!  I’M UPSET, like Drake said. They really failed us all with this decision. Everyone keeps saying how expensive it is to make.. I get that it costs money!  I do however know that you cannot buy the critical success Timeless was.  Who wins the USA Today  “Save Our Shows” poll two years in a row?  Who wins “ The Best Season Finale” poll by Tvline? Who is the Smithsonian Magazines darling?  What tv show gets a “100% Fresh” from Rotten Tomatoes? What cast connects with their fans in the same way the Timeless cast does?  I could go on and on.. I don’t think I’ve ever connected to a show so much and made so many new friends because of. NBC had a gem and they crushed it and stomped on it and shit on it and NEVER gave it the promotion it deserved. But now they are questioning its ratings? And blaming that as the main reason for its cancellation. Are you kidding me right now?  It makes no sense to string everyone along like that especially the actors. Six weeks NBC kept silent and they knew they were going to cancel it on May 13! They are like that boyfriend who breaks up with you after your birthday, but then tries to have break up sex. To the LEFT!  I think NBC should apologize to the fans, I honestly do.

Lariel: Well, that makes zero NBC shows for me to watch now. Guess my husband will be happy that I’m relinquishing the TV for another hour. On a less petty-sounding note, this wasn’t really unexpected, the way the cancellation of Forever was a few years back. Both cancellations are a crime.

Erin: FUCK YOU!!! You make no sense. You put on shit shows and you then take a way the good ones. FUCK YOU!

Lacey: It starts with an “f” and ends with a “go fuck yourselves!” It’s as simple as that. Timeless has one of the biggest, loudest and positive fan bases and we have fought hard to keep the Time Team in business!! My biggest issue is the time it took them to make this decision and how long they strung fans along. I feel like they had this decision made for a while but were too chicken shit to reveal it. I am truly baffled because they have now cancelled two amazing shows (The Brave & Timeless) yet they continue to keep crap shows on the air. They truly don’t give a flying fuck about their viewers because if they did, they would have renewed this amazing show or at the very least had the decency to let fans know sooner. As my friend said, “Goodbye Peacock Network!”

Lyra: I’m conflicted. I’m definitely going to be watching NBC for Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Good Place. But part of me just wants to say fuck it and throw it all out of the window because NBC cancelled one of the best shows of the year. It was well written, had a diverse cast, and taught me something valuable every week, whether it be the value of friendship or how badass Harriet Tubman was. There’s no other show like it and I can’t fathom how NBC passed on it.

Alyssa: NBC can go fuck itself. NBC had literal magic in its hands with Timeless and elected to dismiss it after airing it in a new time slot, at a not family-friendly hour, and without any significant promotion. It feels like NBC was setting it up to fail. Not to mention the nearly two months of leaving these passionate fans waiting on Timeless’ fate or the actors, for that matter. Had they canceled it earlier perhaps it would’ve given Sony a better shot at locking up a new home before the actors’ contracts expire. I refuse to watch NBC. Superstore? I’ll have to watch it another way. Other than that, I have no reason to watch shows on NBC. The only reason I’ll watch NBC is for Sunday Night Football, because asking me not to watch the Bears is like removing a vital organ. It’s just not possible. Other than that, I’m done with you, NBC. You could’ve been the hero. Instead, you chose to play the Rittenhouse card. So screw you.

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There’s been talk of a wrap-up movie. Do you think that would be satisfying? Is this a better than nothing scenario? What are your thoughts?

Lizzie: I think it’s certainly better than nothing, but this is not really the type of plot that can be wrapped up in a movie, not convincingly. Will I take it if there’s no other choice? Of course I would, but I would really, really love it if some other network of streaming service could look at the potential for Timeless and what this should could be with a little love and some promotion.

Mimi: It’s better than nothing but not satisfying in the least because it still means Timeless is over and I can’t accept that. Of course I will support the movie if it happens because I love the show but it seems like such a piecemeal offering to me. Ask me next week I might be all in, I really do want Rufus to live and for Lyatt to get back together so if I get to see that one last time in a movie then i will show up and support the cast and crew.

Lariel: It is better than nothing, and I’ll take that. I think the writers can do it correctly and I’d rather get closure on those stories than leave them all hanging.

Lacey: I definitely lean more towards a “it’s better than nothing” scenario. This show deserves a third season but if we can’t have that, we at least need a conclusion. A way to say one last goodbye to the show. Veronica Mars did this extremely well with their Kickstarter film. It answered all the questions we had when the show abruptly ended at season 3. I have no doubts that the writers and this amazing cast would do a film justice and you best believe I will be front and center watching the magic happen on my screen!

Erin: It’s better than nothing, but not what this fandom deserves.

Lyra: As someone who waited patiently for Serenity I can tell you that having a movie is definitely better than nothing or waiting for years for a satisfying conclusion. (Except with what happened to Wash. That was bullshit.) But I don’t want JUST a movie. I want more. I deserve more. Lucy, Rufus, and Wyatt deserve more. And I’m so sad and frustrated that this is where we are now.

Alyssa: Honestly, it’s better than nothing. If we can’t have a season 3, a wrap-up movie would provide some semblance of closure. Anything is better than leaving Timeless where we left it: With Rufus dead. We need the Time Team to save Rufus. Lucy and Wyatt need to reconcile and give us more heart eyes that we didn’t get enough of. We need Future Lucy and Future Wyatt. Rittenhouse needs to be stopped. We need one last shot of Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus — the heart of this show — having drinks and chowing down on some Chocodiles. And if the only way to get all of that is a two-hour movie, then I guess that’s going to have to be enough.

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We’ve been here before, but let’s do it again. Why should Timeless be saved? What has this show taught you?

Lizzie: We’ve said it before, sooo soo many times. I feel like a broken record (or clock), at this point. But I’m going to say it again. Because this is a smart, diverse and fun show that teaches us something while entertaining us. Because this is a show that proves that everyone can be a hero – not just white males. Because this is a show that doesn’t shy away from the bad parts of history. And because this is a show that inspires people, to learn, to be better, and to fight.

Mimi: Why should Timeless be saved? There is not enough room on this page! I will give you my top 5 reasons okay? 5. It taught me about unknown history in a way that was both entertaining and somber and I appreciated that. I learned more from Timeless than in my history class in high school. 4. I learned that the Lone Ranger was BLACK  3. I made a TON of new friends and it has been AMAZING on so many levels 2. The cast were in sync as well as diverse! I appreciated them, and every week i looked forward to following their journey and seeing whose story would be told next. 1. The Lyatt of it all. If there was one couple on tv that has ever caught My attention the way these two have I can’t name them. Lyatt was/is one of the greatest OTP’s of all time. Matt and Abby have a chemistry you cannot create it just comes naturally and the two of them are what makes Timeless work for me. They were the anchors and the heartbeat of the show, they had a their own theme song for God sakes!

Lariel: I’ll just point you to the editorial I wrote back in April.

Erin: Not only does Timeless teach, it gives hope. It’s about more than the ships, more than the time travel. It’s about relationships. It’s about fandom being good again. It’s about fandom being positive again. Timeless taught me that TV could be good again. Timeless taught me that I don’t know enough about my own history. Timeless taught me that we could believe in good things. But NBC also taught me when they give you good stuff, they pull it out from under you.

Lacey: It goes without saying that the writing and the cast are stellar, some of the best, truly. But this show has touched so many lives, myself in included, in the best way possible. So many people, kids and adults, have taken a huge interest in history because of the lessons we learned each week. It’s opened people’s eyes to the struggles those before us had to face. There was a character that every person who watch could sympathize with. Someone that looked like them or lived like them. You could see yourself in these amazing people and that will live on forever in the hearts of its fans!!

Lyra: Timeless should be saved because it has POC and queer people in positions where their stories, arcs, and relationships aren’t pushed to the side because the white hetero couple is together. They are just as important and the balance that Timeless has achieved is near perfect and brilliant. Also, it should be renewed because at the heart of is friendship. Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus are the dream team/big love of this story and I would love to/need to see more of it because most shows fail at it or forget about it.

Alyssa: Timeless needs to be saved because it’s the best show on television. It not only provides weekly history lessons, but it teaches other shows how to be better. It throws stereotypes out of the window and is the perfect example of representation done right. The relationships are the heart and soul of the show and give us a reason to care as passionately as we do. Timeless is a show that’s incredibly important at a time like this where we need an escape. It’s a show that has touched so many lives, and it could touch even more lives if NBC — or another network — gives it the opportunity to.

Timeless has been cancelled by NBC.

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