‘Timeless’ Fans Get Creative In An Effort to Save Their Show

There’s a lot to be said about the Timeless fandom, but I think the number one thing we can all agree on is …this is a creative fandom.

Remember Jan?

Well, not that the show has been canceled by NBC (again), clockblockers are banding together to save their show by bombarding the Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube and Apple TV HQs with some show-related things.

First, paperclips. If you’ve watched the show you know they originated with Agent Christopher and Wyatt in Season 1, a gag that was repeated in Season 2, this time with Lucy handing Wyatt the paperclip. Which is why fans are sending boxes of them, along with the message:

“Help the Time Team pick the cancellation lock and #SaveTimeless”

Pretty clever, huh?

Then there’s historical postcards, which fans have been sending with notes along these lines:

“Give the Time Team a chance to travel to new places and times. Please pick up #Timeless for Season 3”

And, of course, there’s chocodiles! The original fan campaign meant to send thousands of these, but fortunately (or unfortunately?) they were out of stock, so clockblockers had to get creative.

This is not all, though, because there’s also the beautiful project called: Lucy’s Lifeboat Library – A book drive, where fans have banded together to send books to charities, just like our favorite historian would.

Didn’t I say this was a pretty amazing fandom?

And, if you add that to a show that’s diverse, smart, entertaining and fun …well, the answer is obvious, isn’t it? Someone needs to SAVE TIMELESS.


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