‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 to Air in First Half of 2019

Winter (season 8) is coming sooner than we expected.

God, how I’m going to miss that joke when the show is finally over.

We’ve known for a long while that we were going to have to wait a while for Game of Thrones Season 8, but news from the TCA press tour is that we might not have to wait as long as we expected.

Because, yes, HBO’s programming president Casey Bloys had this to say when asked when the next season would be airing: First half of 2019.

Image result for dance gif game of thrones

Hey, it’s been ages. We’re allowed to be excited at the prospect of it maybe, perhaps, not taking as long as we thought it would. So you get a dancing gif! And a Tyrion dancing gif, which is the superior dancing gif.

News out of the TCA is also that the Game of Thrones prequel, which was rumored to be starting filming soon, won’t actually start filming till 2019, as no one has been cast yet and no director has been chosen. Which is, I guess, a bummer, if you’re into the whole world, and absolutely no news if you’re just here for the main story because GRRM has fucked you over so hard that you just want some sort of resolution.

So yay. Sooner than we thought. That’s good news, for now.

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