10 WTF Moments from ‘Wynonna Earp’s “No Cure for Crazy”

Weddings and bad internet connections made this past week’s review of Wynonna Earp‘s “No Cure for Crazy” a no go. So instead of breaking down what happened during the episode let’s talk about the top 10 WTF moments of “No Cure for Crazy” that are setting up season 3 to be the craziest season yet!

1. Trees…just moving on their own.


I’ve got it on good authority that trees don’t just move around like this. I mean, thank you very much for doing the considerate thing and helping Wynonna out in her time of need. But this isn’t Lord of the Rings. These aren’t Ents. Unless…THEY ARE AND THIS IS AN EPIC CROSSOVER. Probably not, but a girl can dream about Wynonna’s eyes landing on Aragorn and going, “How you doing?”

2. How long it took for Jeremy to have a love interest.


This is a travesty. A travesty wrapped up in me squealing and crying all over Jeremy and Robin looking cute AF but still…a travesty. I hate that we had to wait so long to get to this point aka Jeremy flirting with the suspected potato licker. And it’s made me realize that for the longest time Jeremy has been the butt of the joke, the gay of the gang lusting openly after someone he’ll never get aka Doc and Dolls. He was a stereotype. Now is the moment to take Jeremy, his feelings, and his journey a little more seriously.

3. Mama Earp breaking out of psych hospital.


The more we find out about Mama Earp the more we realize that Wynonna has got a lot of her mom in her. She pulled a move straight out of the Wynonna Earp moves bank and got the hell out of dodge. And with what we found about the orderlies later on when they kidnapped Wynonna, they were probably hurting Mama Earp more than we can imagine. Hell, maybe this guy deserved the smack in the face!

4. Nicole remembering that there was no fire.


It’s terrifying confronting your past and trying to piece together what you remember versus what you were told. But Nicole is doing it. (And she’s got Waverly right by her side every step of the way.) Nicole is setting aside the fact that she’s always been the rock, the grounded one, because there is something in her past that doesn’t make sense and has always been an underlying hurt in every step she takes. Sidenote, kudos to Kat Barrell on her stellar acting. After this scene I wanted to wrap her up in a blanket and never let anyone hurt her again!

P.S. And of course Waverly is invited to the cuddle protection blanket!

5. Wynonna being locked up & still able to give the finger.


Outnumbered and handcuffed, Wynonna still looked like she was in charge. It didn’t matter if they hit her, tried to intimidate her, or scare her with a padded cell with words written in blood on the walls, Wynonna was sure of herself and her ability to get the hell out of there. And honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever loved her as much as I do this moment. I wish I this brave, this sassy, and had this ‘fuck this shit’ persona all the time or even just on retainer.

6. Mama Earp trying to kill Waverly.


Waverly needs to be protected. From all. Especially her possibly demon possessed mama that tried to burn her in a barn when she was little. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

7. Licking tree goo, WHICH YOU SHOULD NEVER DO!


Has no one learned from Waverly’s licking of the black goo? Yes, I know Robin wasn’t there, but hot damn. You never lick things and stuff that you just find out in the forest. Bad things happen when you do. P.S. Pretty sure he’s the potato licker. Yup.



I’ve only had Robin for a day and a half, but if anything happened to him I would kill everyone in this room and then myself.

That is all.

9. Zoie Palmer guest starring as Jolene.


Lost Girl and Dark Matter fans instantly recognized the talented Zoie Palmer making an appearance as Jolene aka the evil that separated Mama Earp from her family and that totally freaked us the hell out when she appeared behind Waverly. Jolene is definitely using her baking to keep Wynonna & the gang docile and happy. I mean…who wouldn’t with how delicious those brownies and cupcakes looked like.

10. Every moment with that blood orange top Wynonna wore.


I felt personally attacked every single second that Wynonna Earp kicked ass in this blood orange? red? or just orange? top of hers! Have mercy and bring the top back for more ass kicking and mid-drift appreciation! WE ALL DEMAND IT!

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 9/8c on Syfy.

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