‘Wynonna Earp’ 3×07 Review: “I Fall to Pieces”

Wynonna Earp broke the dreaded curse that plagues all shows that have main characters in relationships but still have family around, in “I Fall to Pieces.” They proved that characters can have multiple relationships and not forget about each other when their boo of the week, month, or life comes around. I know, sounds impossible but it’s true.

“I Fall to Pieces” also broke my WynDoc heart. I don’t know how we can come back from that look on Wynonna’s face or Doc being a vampire now. I know it’s inside that counts. But what if his insides have changed? What if his inside just wanna chomp on his best friends necks?

Let’s dive into “I Fall to Pieces”!

Working on Wynonna and Nicole’s Relationship

Continuing to develop the relationship between Wynonna and Nicole is a testament to how much this show cares for all of its characters. Nicole isn’t just Wynonna’s sisters girlfriend. And Wynonna isn’t just Nicole’s girlfriends sister. They’re friends! Gasp. I know, shocking. Girlfriends and girlfriends sister can actually be more than just passing ships in the darkness of the Homestead!

Too often, familial & friend relationships go right out the window or disappear as soon as any character gets into a romantic relationship. I’m looking at you The CW. Kara gets a boyfriend so she can’t chill/have a storyline with her sister Alex or her supposed best friend Lena. Oliver gets married to Felicity and all of a sudden he can’t have a storyline with Diggle or his sister Thea, you know…THE ONE WHO HE SHARES BLOOD WITH!. Same thing goes with Felicity. She gets married and her friendship with Diggle fades away and she never really gets to know Thea aka her husbands sister.

It’s a thing of nonsense and a sign of bad writing when shows can’t handle romantic and familial relationships at the same time. It’s also a really bad example to set for young men and women watching your show. It tells them that they can only handle one serious relationship at a time and that it’s ok to forget others while you’re in the wonderful land of loveeeee, hearts, and did I forget to mention love?

Wynonna Earp understands that we are multifaceted human beings who can handle more than one relationship at a time. And they want to show us and teach the next generation that they can do it as well. For that, I love this show even more dearly and can’t wait until they do something with Wynonna and Jeremy. Or Jeremy and Nicole. The possibilities are endless!

The Destruction of Wynonna and Docs Relationship

Let’s talk about that look that Wynonna gave Doc. That look when she told him that he was longer welcome at the Homestead. It’s the kind of heartbreaking look that a loved one gives you after you’ve royally fucked up. They love you, always will, but what you’ve done has crossed a line and you better work hard to fix what’s been broken before it’s too late.

Because that’s what’s happened here, Doc broke Wynonna’s heart. And it isn’t because he’s sleeping with his wife. In the grand scheme of things Wynonna doesn’t care because she’s off having sex with the wonderbread firefighter. It does rub her the wrong way because she just had a kid with Doc and her feelings are a hot and complicated mess. But she’s sleeping with someone else too.

What Doc did hurts because he changed his entire being. The fact that it happened right after he asked her to admit her feelings for him and the loss of their daughter, makes it feel retaliatory. Like he did it, allowed himself to be turned into a vampire aka a monster, because Wynonna wasn’t ready to say the words and jump in head first. It feels like a punishment, a slap in the face, and a statement about the kind of person Doc is. And that breaks my heart in a similar manner to Wynonna.

I understand why Wynonna turned him away. I would’ve done the same thing too.

God Do I Miss Dolls

The entire time I was watching “I Fall to PIeces” I felt like there was something missing. I already knew it was a filler episode so I knew it wasn’t that. ANd even with how much people hate filler episodes they’re essential to the core of the story and get things moving for bigger episodes.

This thing, this feeling, this person that I’m missing…is Dolls. He would’ve set Wynonna, Doc, and the rest of the gang on a path that would help them instead of screwing them over like they seem to be doing right now. Yes, he’s not perfect. Yes, he might’ve stumbled too. But he was a grounding force in all of their lives.

I miss Dolls and his dry sense of humor. I miss Dolls and his rare mind blowing, butterflies in the stomach, smile. I miss Dolls and the way that he cared for Wynonna, no matter who she was with or how they were both all in a love triangle with Doc. I just miss him. I miss Dolls and how committed he was to Waverly and Nicole, especially the latter because he was helping her to discover her forgotten past.

Right now is the moment for the show to wow me, shock me, and show me that Dolls is out there. He was a super fire breathing dragon person. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS! Instead of giving me another Wonderbread firefighter give me Dolls. Or hell, give me fanfiction. I need to see and know how Wynonna & Co. would get through all of this with Dolls at their side. And I need to know what would happen if they brought him back or how they would do it.

I just need Dolls.

P.S. Imagine Dolls versus Doc, especially since he’s a vamp now. It’s a fight I’d watch!

Favorite Scene from “I Fall to Pieces”:

I didn’t sign up for these Nicole/Nedley feels but I’m so here for them! I hope that the discovery of their shared past, and how he feels that she’s a daughter to him, doesn’t mean that Nedley’s gonna kick the bucket. I need to see someone happy and alive! I also need to see some daughter/father bonding. Is that too much to ask?


2nd Favorite Scene in “I Fall to Pieces”:

Solidarity between the gays about being who they are and finding love/like in Purgatory! IT’S BEAUTIFUL!


Check out the trailer for next week’s episode titled “Waiting Forever for You”:

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 9/8c on SyFy.

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