‘Wynonna Earp’ 3×05 Review: Jolene’s Baked Goods Bring All the Earps to the Yard

Jolene’s cupcakes, pies, and baked goods brought all the Earps to her yard in Wynonna Earp‘s “Jolene.” With the way that those baked goods were looking on our TV’s, we really aren’t surprised that Wynonna & Co. fell under Jolene’s spell. Imagine working on set or just living in this world and trying to resist Jolene’s goods? YOU WOULDN’T SURVIVE! I wouldn’t.

While an enjoyable episode, I think they missed out on a grand opportunity to give Waverly an enemy of her own. Imagine a half-angel battling an evil demon on Wynonna Earp? I’d watch it!

Also, where was Jeremy? Was he out looking for his new boo Robin? Or is Jeremy stuck in a funk because none of this friends have called (he obviously didn’t know that Jolene’s goods were magic) and the boy he likes hasn’t messaged him back?

Let’s dive into Wynonna Earp‘s “Jolene”!

Not Surprised Waverly’s Half-Angel


Is anyone really surprised that Waverly Earp is an angel? Not me! As soon as her true parentage was revealed my instant reaction was, “No, shit!” And this isn’t because I worship Waverly and want to protect her from the world. I do and I will protect her. This conclusion comes from Waverly’s resilience in the face of evil.

Remember when she was possessed by that goo that Waverly shouldn’t have touched in the first place? Waverly fought tooth and nail to free herself. Hell, the demon gave up on possessing her because she was too much work, as if he could sense there was something off about her. And there was. Waverly Earp is half-angel and I’m/we’re ok with that.

Now, I know there are people out there going, “Come on, an angel? Really?” Buddy, you’re watching a show about a whiskey drinking wise-cracking badass who sends demons back to hell with a glowing gun. If you can watch that, if you can accept that as being part of your TV viewing experience, then you sure can accept angels being part of the picture.

Here’s hoping that Wynonna doesn’t keep this little tidbit of information away from Waverly. As an older sister I understand her need to protect her little sister. But it’s time to let Waverly fly! (Maybe literally one day. Who knows!?) Not telling Waverly means taking away her choice on something that directly pertains to her and her body. Wynonna already made the mistake of keeping her Mama visits a secrets.

Let’s not add another secret to the pile.

Jolene and Her Goods Should’ve Stayed Longer


Let’s take a moment to appreciate Zoie Palmer and Dominique Provost-Chalkley for this scene. It was perfectly timed and a loop that I can watch forever, especially because she was coming onto Nicole! P.S. I in no way condone violence and recognize that this is not how you conduct yourself in a relationship. It was just funny. The smack, I mean.

Besides the badass slap to the kisser, Zoie Palmer’s Jolene was such a welcomed addition to the Wynonna Earp family. And to be honest, I wish she had stayed around for a little longer. This demon has been after Waverly for such a long time. Essentially she stole Waverly’s life as a child by destroying her mother. And she was trying to take Waverly’s place at the bar, in their family, and in her relationship with Nicole.

Jolene’s baked goods and her villian story should’ve been kept around longer for the sheer nature of her destructive force on their family. Also, it would’ve been cool to explore more about Jolene’s connection to Waverly. Imagine what other stories she might know about our half-angel? Ohhh, and imagine if Jolene because Waverly’s enemy throughout this season.

It really was a missed opportunity not to keep Jolene around for longer.

Nicole, Doc, and Bulshar


I appreciate the amount of time that Wynonna Earp is taking in fleshing out Nicole and Doc’s story. Would I prefer not to have the secret wife trope be used again on Doc like it was used on Nicole last season? Yes, absolutely. Would I prefer if I had a little more background on Nicole’s past that makes it seem like they’ve been planning this from day one and didn’t just pull it out of the air because pressure to give queer characters ACTUAL and brilliant story lines. But it’s fleshing out Doc’s character so I guess I’ll hold my tongue for the sake of more of a clue of the type of man he was before.

Taking time to fill out their stories in relationship to this town, their past, and Bulshar, makes for a stronger cast and show. It’s a way to give us multiple points of interest and things to invest in. Because it’s no longer just Wynonna Earp and the mysteries in her life. It’s Nicole. It’s Doc. It’s Waverly. Additionally, if Nicole ever pisses us off, we can pull on over at Wynonna ville and take a break from the rest of the stupid around us.

And the more that you nurture those surrounding the “lead character” the more I want to stay and invest in this show as a whole. They’re no longer random additions or pieces that help and guide the lead, important but not so much that if one of them dies we’ll just move along like nothing. *sobs* Dolls *sobs* Earp & Co. are interconnecting pieces of something bigger than themselves that teach love, forgiveness, and how to be a bad-ass in the face of patriarchal bullshit.

Favorite Scene from Wynonna Earp‘s “Jolene”:


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