Riley Voelkel Joins The Cast of ‘Roswell’

With The Originals having ended, we have to admit we’ve been on the edge of our seat wondering what the cast will movie on to. How many shows will we have to commit to watching? What will I watch the cast in? How many more hours of TV am I committing to?

Well, I had already planned on watching Roswell, so I am glad that one of my favorites – Riley Voelkel has joined the cast of the show.

Thank you TV gods for throwing me this one.

If you aren’t familiar with Roswell – it follows Liz, who is the daughter of undocumented immigrants and she’s a biomedical researcher who discovers a shocking thing about her boyfriend Max. He’s an alien – from like outer space.

Voelkel will play Cameron, who is Max’s partner at the Sheriff’s Department. She has “the rare ability to break through Max’s stony cowboy facade.” Cameron is scrappy and has a realistic outlook on life. Well that is better than me – realistic isn’t something that I am all the time.

It feels like a lot of actors stay within The CW stratosphere and we are all about that. The Originals‘ Nathan Parson will play as Max, and The Vampire Diaries‘ Michael Trevino will appear as Kyle Valenti, the son of the town’s sheriff.

Roswell is one of our most anticipated shows of the season. Are you looking forward to it?

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