Kaya Scodelario To Star in ‘Spinning Out’

Lately, we’re loving the fact that movie stars want to come to television. It’s a nice change to be able to see our favorite movie stars come to television – so we can see them more often.

Kaya Scodelario, who we obsessed over in The Maze Runner is coming to Netflix and we couldn’t be more excited. Remember the show Spinning Out, the one that Emma Roberts was supposed to star in? Well she dropped out and rumors had been circulating that Lily Collins was taking over the role.

Turns out rumors were wrong. Who knew?

Kaya will play Kate – an extremely talented figure skater who falls and has an injury. She falls off the competition road and teams up with a “bad-boy” (our favorite kind) and gets on the pairs track.

Yup, we can pretty much guarantee that her life is gonna go all sorts of crazy. But isn’t drama half the fun of television?

Spinning Out will air on Netflix.

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