‘Timeless’ Debuts First Trailer for Christmas Movie Event

Look, we’ve only seen like thirty seconds and we already know this movie event is going to murder us with feels.

So, let’s just discuss that viewing list, okay?

  1. Chocolate. Preferably milk chocolate, because we don’t need fancy crap, we just need comfort.
  2. Booze. Wine doesn’t really go with chocolate, so let’s say hard liquor. I don’t drink whisky, but I can do some vodka.
  3. Kleenex. I’m thinking a trip to Costco is in the near future – one box is just not going to cut it.

You think this is a joke? Take a look at the trailer and THEN tell me it’s a joke.

We got Flynn looking all kinds of sad and injured and with his family. RUFUS SAVING LUCY AND WYATT. The Futures. Lucy promising they are going to save history. Emma making puns. Jessica threatening someone with a gun. Wyatt promising to make things right. A Christmas ugly sweater.

Dead, I’m telling you. Dead.

Check out the trailer here:

How are you feeling after watching that? What’s your shopping list for the finale looking like? Share with us in the comments below!

The Timeless two-hour movie event airs Thursday, December 20th, at 8/7c on NBC.

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