‘Doctor Who’ Season 11 New Years Episode Review: “Resolution”

As if by some act of God or Daleks coming into our world and mucking things up, I’ve been without internet for the last couple of days and just got around to watching Doctor Who‘s most brilliant episode to date for Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor! Despite playing the Time Lord for 11 episodes, “Resolution” was the first time where I really saw the Doctor we know and love. It felt like the pieces of the past and the new of the present, were finally sliding into place, to give us a Doctor older fans could embrace and new fans could appreciate.

The holiday special might’ve been moved to New Years Day, after years and years of it being around Christmas, but it was well worth the wait and time. So, without further ado, let’s dive into Doctor Who‘s “Resolution”!

This IS the Doctor


I’ll be the first to admit that this season of Doctor Who has been shaky. I love Jodie Whittaker and what she has done with the Time Lord. She had HUGE shoes to fill and she chucked them, got ones with rainbows all over them, and made the show her own. Keeping that in mind, Doctor Who has had issues with passing, story, and just making me care.

Let me explain.

All season, and each episode, felt like a disjointed adventure where you didn’t necessarily have to watch the episode before to understand what was going on. And yes, that’s great for new viewers who are just starting to get into Doctor Who. But that just comes off as lazy and hard to invest in for dedicated fans of Doctor Who that have been watching for years.

“Resolution” is the first time, that with 100% certainty, I can say that THIS is the Doctor. The reappearance of the Daleks felt like the final missing piece to this new generation of Doctor Who. It connected the Doctor to the decades worth of story that came before this regeneration and you could feel it in story, in your bones, that the stakes were damn high but hella exhilarating.

The Daleks are the ultimate big bad for the Doctor. Yes, they look ridiculous and I’ve found myself asking how everyone/anyone is afraid of what looks like a giant salt and pepper shaker, but then I’m reminded of it’s power with all the people it killed in “Resolution” and the tank it took out. Daleks are core and essential evils of the Doctor Who world. And its soft reboot introduction could pave the way for more blasts from the past.

So, bring it season 12. I’m ready for the Master to return in all her Michelle Gomez glory. I’m ready for the Cybermen, those tall and ridiculous abominations that run along the same line as the Daleks. Hell, I’m even ready for Reapers, the Judoon, or even the Weeping Angels. Ohhh, would especially love the last one there. They are the creature I fear the most in the Doctor Who world and it would be amazing seeing the Doctor, Yaz, Ryan, and Graham dealing with these horrifying creatures.

Doctor Who Shows the Best of Humanity


No matter what happens, or what obstacles are thrown their way, humans on Doctor Who manage to show the best of humanity. Yes, of course there are evil bastards among us that make what the Doctor and her mates are doing even more dangerous. (Looking at you bubble wrap dude who used our love for popping against us.) But then there are people like Yaz, Ryan, and Graham. Even Mitch and Lin, newcomers and guest stars on “Resolution,” showed us how strong we are as humans and people.

We are survivors. We fight tooth and nail for what we believe in even if we have an ancient Dalek scout suctioned onto our backs. (Maybe especially when we have a Dalek squid thing on our backs.) We forgive. Even after countless disappointments and stumbles, we forgive, not because we are weak minded, but because we understand that people are scared and mess up. We’re complicated, fractured, and beautiful creatures of this world.

And Doctor Who plays a huge part in reminding us of the good out there.

With so much ugly, so much hate and destruction out there, it’s amazing to know that Doctor Who steps in to remind us of the good of humanity. Doctor Who, being a kids show and all (yes, it was originally intended and brought to life as a way of teaching youth about history) it starts off young ones on the right foot with an understanding of what we are and what we can be as humans. And as for adults like you and I who still watch Doctor Who, for many years and still plenty to come, we do well getting a little nudge, a little reminder, that there is still kindness and strength in this world.

That right there is what sets Doctor Who apart from any other show I’ve ever watched. It looks for the best in us, no matter what.

They are strong, they are fighters, they are survivors. They forgive. They make up the best of us.

No Internet = Conversations


I felt personally attacked by the Dalek killing off the internet. Are we sure it only happened in the UK? and on a TV show? For the last couple days I haven’t had internet because of evil demon squirrels who like eating wires and tubes in my attic. And honestly, I think I might start calling them mini Daleks because the pain they inflicted on me was personal.

No internet means…having actual conversations with those around you. But it also means being disconnected from the people that were brought to you by the internet. I’m a lonely loner, not like Roy from IT Crowd, who lives in a manipulative house with some of the worst people I know because there is no where else to go. The internet, with all her beauty and glory, is my only saving grace when stuck here.

Because of the internet I have started writing personally and for this site. Because of the internet I have met people from all over the world. Because of the internet I have visited other countries and attended events I never dreamed would be possible. Because of the internet I have been shown the beauty of humans being kind to each other in the reddit “Humans Being Bros.”

A loss of internet doesn’t just bring people together during the holiday season when they just want to ignore each other. A loss of internet alienates you from a growing and ever expanding world with opportunities left and right to learn more about this world and ourselves. So, here’s to you Dalek and your evil little internet stealing minions in my attic. You might’ve had the upper hand for a bit, and you’ll probably return, but I’ll be there waiting & ready to take you down!

Favorite Scene from Doctor Who’s “Resolution”:


Doctor Who is returning for a 12th season!

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