‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ 6×02 Review: Still Not Over “Hitchcock & Scully” Being Hot

To everyone’s surprise, including my own, Hitchcock & Scully really were the studs of the Nine-Nine in this week’s new episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, appropriately titled “Hitchcock & Scully.” They put their life on the line, and their arteries, to save a woman who helped them with one of their biggest busts ever. It’s proof that even though these two dummies have a kind soul inside that is dedicated to helping the people of New York City.

Damn You, Wing Sluts

Hitchcock and Scully used to be hot. No, you aren’t getting pranked and this isn’t some sort of trick to throw you off. Hitchcock, always getting cut in the most random of ways that no one has explained, and Scully, the one with the sweaty clam hands, used to be ripped cops that were the best of the Nine-Nine. We know, you’re thrown off by this as much as we are, but don’t worry. We got your back and holding your hand that is totally devoid of any of that Slut Sauce.

We’re not the only ones thrown off by this. Jake and Boyle couldn’t wrap their head around this to the point where one of them said, “Meow!” in response to their hotness. As they started breaking down what Internal Affairs was after, they started discovering so many weird and new things about the messy, short sighting, and often lethargic Hitchcock and Scully.

I love that six seasons in, even these two special cops, are getting some sort of background and story. It’s a testament to how much Brooklyn Nine-Nine cares for every single character on this show. And it’s the reason why it’s so easy to invest in everyone, including Hitchcock and Scully. They’re all in this together, pieces of a grander puzzle, that is known as the Nine-Nine!

Upstairs People vs Downstairs People

No matter how much you love someone, tight spaces are breeding grounds for discontent. All of a sudden the person that you care about, be it your lover or a family friend, is amplified by a 100 and there’s nothing you can do about it because you’re all in this together! (Thank you, High School Musical!)

Little things that usually don’t matter, all of a sudden become glaring issues, like the microwave and elevator smelling. The latter of the previous sentence sucking a lot because who wants to take an elevator that smells like butts? No one, that’s who and how many. Tight enclosed spaces also leads to discovering new and weird shit that you didn’t know, or want to know about the people you care about.

Being that this is Brooklyn Nine-Nine and comedy is at the heart of this show, I don’t think their conditions will continue to be so dire forever. They might have to learn how to work with each other for a couple more weeks, leading to tons of hijinks. But they’ll survive, they’ll be given back their space, and most importantly, they’ll gain a greater appreciation for their space and the people they love.

That makes ALL OF THIS crazy, worthwhile.

Getting All the Gina Linetti We Can!

With Chelsea Peretti’s time at Brooklyn Nine-Nine winding down, we’re trying to take in as much of the Paris of People as we can. Sitting at her desk while yelling at people near her? Golden. Teaching Holt some vocal exercises? Iconic and absolutely memorable. This departure from #B99 also means we’re looking back at the kind of woman that Gina Linetti has been on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. This icon, this vision, has been a life lesson after life lesson, believe it or not.

Gina knows what she wants, is an avid planner, and solves problems with an iron grip I’ve never seen anyone do so effortlessly. She knows who she is, she’s fiercely protective of those that she loves, and she’s hella good at giving Captain Holt the advice, perspective, or push that he needs to be living more like the Linetti life. And every time I see her doing whatever the hell she wants, it inspires me to be even weirder and more in control/in awe/in love with who I am today.

Ideally, we would have this rascal in every episode, for the rest of my Brooklyn Nine-Nine life. But alas, we can’t have that. We will have to make due with reruns, scenes off of Youtube, and the random guest appearance from Chelsea Peretti, which you know she will because she loves this show and this family as much as we do. So, chin up, little pup. This isn’t the last of Gina Linetti!

Favorite Quotes:

“If you don’t think the Slut Sauce is solid then you might want to talk to my rock hard arteries!” – Scully to Jake

“Excuse Me? Downstairs people? That’s a little offensive.” – Amy to Rosa and Terry

“We were the studs of the Nine-Nine.” – Hitchcock to Jake and Boyle

“This whole room is a fucking Dutch oven.” – Scully to Jake

“Ya banned!” – Rosa to Amy

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Thursdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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