5 Things From The ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Pilot That We Can’t Stop Talking About

Excuse me as I write this – I took a Percocet for the pain I have and that means that my mouth (well fingers) have no filter and I am spilling tea. Don’t worry, the tea on this one is good tea, the kind of tea that you want to sip on slowly and enjoy (I say this as I acknowledge that I hate tea).

Roswell, New Mexico is our newest obsession. You know if we’re being honest, I was scared as fuck for this reboot. Why? Cause the original is part of my childhood and if it’s fucked up, it felt like it is fucking with my childhood. Well teenage hood, but let me have something here people. I am feeling old as fuck today.

But real talk, there is plenty of shit in this world to be anxious about and Roswell is not one. Why? Because it’s really good. Like not just CW good. Yes, when watching shows on The CW we expect a certain amount of cheese. We have nothing against the cheese, we eat that crap up. But Roswell extends beyond The CW’s normal – hell, it doesn’t even embrace it. It embraces what it is, but it navigates real life issues, the world around us, and gathers some of our favorite actors and puts them on the screen.

And we’re living for it. There are plenty of moments that we can’t stop talking about but we’ve been forced (by me – cause I like to make shit difficult on myself) to narrow it down to five. So let’s get started.

Our Newest Favorite Ships

We’ve never in our lives watched a show and automatically fallen for a ship faster than Liz and Max. Now, hear me out before you get mad at this statement – I loved The Originals and was sad to see it go, but I am happy it did right now. Why is that important? Because I always associated Nathan Parsons with being Jackson. But I forgot all about that and suddenly thankful that Jackson is a thing of the past because what I get in return is Max Evans. And Max Evans is to die for. He’s strong, vulnerable, and those pained looks that he gives Liz? Well, I need a cold shower, because dude – I am in lust.

But I digress.

What Carina (the showrunner/creator/writer of this episode) made us do automatically is feel for the characters. We were emotionally invested in every single one of them from the beginning. The show managed to show us characters full of strength, vulnerability, and secrets quickly. We wanted to know more about them. We lusted after them. We wanted to watch them succeed.

But we got not 1, but 2 amazing ships. Michael and Alex. We have already been obsessing over Michael Vlamis, due to his funny as fuck Instagram stories. We’ve loved Tyler Blackburn on Pretty Little Liars. But put these two together and we’re standing on our bed, clapping loudly and screaming YES DADDIES! When they kissed – well, is there anything hotter? Fuck, these two are AMAZING.

Representation is so important and to see it on Roswell is something that we applaud deeply.

We love that we have found a show that has us cheering for two ships from the get go and we can’t stop talking about them.

When Max saved Liz after she was shot, I burst into tears. He’s loved her forever and he’s wanted nothing more than to be with her – even at the chance of risking exposure. Max, Isabelle, and Michael have been all each other have had. They have sworn to keep each others secret. But Max has always known that it has been Liz and he believes in her.

Seeing the way that Max has always loved her is endearing. I mean, who has remained that much in love with someone for that long? No one that I know. Ya, ya – I know it happens, but like, not in my life. So again, let me live with my bitterness. Anyhow, the way that Max loves her is the way we’ve all I’ve dreamt about someone loving me.

And then there is our other favorite ship.

When Michael and Alex are at the dance and he asks him if he’s cooking meth, I have to admit that I was like “Alex, go fuck yourself.” But it takes all of two seconds to realize that he’s just concerned. He wants to know that Michael is okay, that he’s done something with his life. Alex is torn and Michael is torn. But Michael is angry.

You can see it.

But it’s that anger – that aloofness that makes us want them together more. Anger and aloofness means that there is still caring. We’re rooting for these two. They are the couple that I didn’t know I needed, but now I would die for (metaphorically die – I didn’t work so hard to loose 200 pounds to die anytime soon).

And that kiss was hot AF.

Liz Returning To Roswell

From the get go – what made us love Liz is that she’s not taking anyones shit. We love that the show slapped us in the face with having to think about what was happening. As we said in our review of the pilot, having Liz be a Latina — and actually be played by an actual Latina — is so significant and yet something that The CW hasn’t always gotten right. She’s a character that we can all look up to. 

She appreciates family.

She is strong.

She doesn’t let anyone define her.

She can be vulnerable when she needs to be.

The thing about Liz is we learn that a lot of her choices have been taken away from her. How? Well Isabelle had gotten in her mind and erased it 10 years prior and had her leave town. This is something that Max isn’t aware of. We are so intrigued by this secret, but also pissed as fuck because this secret has kept our new found ship apart – so there fore – Isabelle, you on our shit list for sending Liz away.

When Liz drives up on Roswell and the checkpoint and goes off, there wasn’t a part of us that did not get pissed that anyone in America or the world would have to do that. It is the world that we live in and it’s a world that we shouldn’t live in.

I read online people chastising the creator of the series for writing “politically”. But the truth is they didn’t write anything politically charged. They wrote the world as it is today.

Liz is a character that we admire. That we want to be. She’s amazing.

Project Shepard

Ex-boyfriends. Those assholes. We were really rooting for you Michael Trevino – to not be a character that we want to kick your ass. But we do. We want to kick your ass.

Fuck with Liz and we fuck with you.

Kyle’s family (Michaels character) is a long line of people who have hunted aliens. He saw Liz’s chest glowing (she glows where Max touched her and saved her). So he decides to tell the military. Umm, I totally get that your Dad told you to do something, but like so did mine – however, I don’t go ratting people out or possibly rat them out.

We’re hoping that Kyle isn’t an asshole and into capturing and dissecting aliens. We hope that you are going to protect Liz.

We’re interested to learn more about Project Shepard, but also about Kyle. We want him to be a stand up dude, and if he’s not – then is it possible to curse a fictional character? Cause we’re all about it if need be.

Michael, Michael, Michael

Yes, we love the entire class, but we’re so thankful that we have been introduced to the greatness that is Michael Vlamis. He’s got a presence on the screen that makes you cheer for him, but also kinda want to crawl through the screen, grab onto his chest hair and objectify him in many ways. Look at that jaw porn. Sorry God, please forgive me for my hormonal ways.

I mean lets be real, there is not a shortness of hotness when it comes to Roswell. There isn’t a shortness of beauty.

But you don’t choose the ship, the character that you lust after, the shit that makes you drawn into a show. That shit chooses you.

The Legends and The Secrets

Now, the idea of aliens has always intrigued me. Hell, Roswell has always intrigued me. But do I believe in them? No. Do I want to believe? No. Am I going to for the sake of the show.


I want to learn more about the alien sightings through the years. I also am interested to see more of the people that come to the town.

But then I stop and I wonder – for all the secrets that Roswell has to hide – is that a good thing? I want the characters I love to be safe. But we all know that a secret never stays buried and that shit will reach the light of day.

But isn’t that the fun?

Roswell, New Mexico airs on The CW.

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