‘A Discovery of Witches’ 1×08 Review: The Princess Fights Back in This One

A Discovery of Witches rounded off it’s first season with a power house episode that reiterated the fact that these witches, vampires, and demons on Bishop land, are the future for creatures all over the world. They are the future, they are the change. And a huge part of all of this shifting rules and standards in the creature world, is due in part to Diana and Matthew. The love they share and what they would do to protect each other, including going all Avatar fire bender on Matthew’s crazy ex, is astonishing and something we can’t wait to see more of in season 2 and 3 of Debra Harkness’ amazing world!

Trust is the Name of the Game


Since episode one, trust has been the defining factor of why I love this show so much and why I think it appeals to so many. Too often in shows, movies, etc. we get people going into situations by themselves. They let their bravado get them or they want to save someone else from the pain of whatever danger is coming their way. This always leaves the group fractured and on completely different pages because they don’t trust.

That’s not what happens on A Discovery of Witches. This show ACTUALLY has people trusting each other. And not that fake trusting each other where one will turn their back and the other will go and do that thing they shouldn’t have done. These creatures ACTUALLY put their money where their mouth is and show with their actions that they trust each other. AND IT’S REVOLUTIONARY, MIND BLOWING, AND SO DAMN GOOD, THAT I WANT MORE!

I need more of Diana trusting Matthew and having that faith, belief, and trust paid back three fold. I need more of Matthew trusting Diana and knowing that he has a partner in all of this madness. I need more of characters actually talking, engaging with the other, listening, and making it through the day because lo and behold, THEY ACTUALLY TRUSTED EACH OTHER.

And I will admit that it’s a little sad that trust is what gets me starry eyed and committed. It’s such a simple, yet complicated, concept that leads to some truly fascinating character studies and stories. It should be more commonplace, stories grounded in trust, but writers take the easy way out. They go for tropes, they go for stereotypes, and they go for the same old, same old because it’s given them results before so why change it now.

Trust me on this one, writers. You’re gonna want to change your habits when it comes to trust in your creations. Trust doesn’t make you weak, come with a lack of storylines, or holds back the story from being more than an episode or two. A Discovery of Witches proved that over 8 episodes and will prove it again when they return for seasons 2 & 3!

Diana and Her Everything This Episode


Let me tell you, when Diana BAMF Bishop, went and pulled out a bow and arrow made out of fire, I ALMOST DIED! My jaw hit the ground and my body jumped back in shock, joy, and delight. Our baby is all grown up and protecting her boo with fire arrows. *sniff* Beautiful. But for real, Diana was the BAMF-iest BAMF of all. She let instinct take control and came out on top when crazy psycho ex thought she had the upper hand.

Even letting Matthew feed off of her was a calculated move that raised her BAMF levels exponentially. Diana trusts him. He’s proven himself over and over to her and has kept his creature nature in check. But Diana also understands that right now Matthew is physically hurt and weak. He won’t be able to control himself as well as he did before. But never fear, Diana KNOWS she’s going to be ok, because SHE will stop him.

Take a moment to absorb that.

A woman helps her male companion and knows that she has the physical strength to stop him from drinking her dry. This right here is balance. It’s two people knowing that if one of them stumbles or falls, the other will be right there with the will, way, and power to stop them. It’s safety in the knowledge that Diana and Matthew are not alone in this. They have each other. And if it’s mind blowing to me, an outsider looking in, then it’s got to be LIFE CHANGING for Diana and Matthew.

This Is The Future


The Covenant dictates that this should never happen. A meeting between witches, vampires, and demons? Unheard of! Dangerous! A recipe for disaster! And yet….it’s happening right here on Bishop land. And better yet, there is no danger or creature nature’s clashing against each other because “instinct.” They’re just people who have come together for a common cause.

Even though they haven’t know each other for long, these people care for each other. They know that they can trust in the other when they share their secrets, worries, and powers. They’re not letting old wives tales about how they’re not supposed to get along. They are doing it and becoming the start of a new community that will have The Covenant shaking in their patented Italian leather boots.

These people are the future of the creature world. In this future, demons are no longer the bottom of the barrel. In this future, demons and witches can have babies without creature sides flipping the fuck out. And in this future, there will be a shift in the creature communities when it comes to power. No longer will it be a separation bound by creatures staying in their own corner while their parents take care of everything.

With change comes small leaders, or creatures who come from the poorest regions, actually having a chance at gaining, controlling, and having an opportunity to govern themselves. It’s out with the old and in with the new and that scares the hell out of The Covenant and makes me happy as hell. So watch out, weirdos on a magical island making decisions for everyone in the creature community. You’re time is running out.

The future is here.

Favorite Moment from 1×08:

Someone needs to call the fanbulance because I am dead, on the ground, overwhelmed and amazed by the powerhouse that is Diana Bishop. Also, need to talk to ADOW behind the scenes and Debra Harkness because this scene was probably BADASS to film!


A Discovery of Witches is available now on Sundance NOW and Shudder.


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