‘Roswell, New Mexico’: 8 Things We Can’t Stop Talking About In “So Much For The Afterglow”

While we’ve only been treated to two wonderful hours of Roswell, New Mexico, it’s already a show that is on my must-watch shows every week. Ships with the kind of chemistry that can ignite a fire, complex characters we’ve still yet to fully understand, and an alien mystery is everything that makes this show so amazing.
In “So Much For The Afterglow,” we learned that Roswell, New Mexico is a show that’s not going to waste any time pulling punches. The revelation about Liz’s sister Rosa being murdered instead of being the cause of her own death and the deaths of two other girls was big. But what was so much bigger was Liz learning about it so soon — and her suspicions shifting to Max.
I also learned just how invested I already am in these ships and these characters, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here are 8 things that we can’t stop talking about after Roswell, New Mexico’s second episode, “So Much For The Afterglow”:

1. Liz & Max’s Meeting At Sunrise

So the meeting that we had all envisioned happening at sunrise didn’t ultimately pan out the way we would have liked. In fact, it was gut-wrenching as a shipper and as a viewer knowing the implications of this scene.
“I don’t feel the way that you do,” Liz lies. Because she can’t trust Max. All she knows is that everything points to the idea that an alien killed her sister. The only aliens she knows about are Max, Isobel, and Michael. But Max immediately becomes a suspect because he lied about seeing Rosa the night she died. Why else would Max lie, Liz has to be wondering, if he didn’t have something to do with her death?
Not to mention Max and Isobel’s discussion in the pilot about what happened to Rosa. They’re involved — or at least know something about it. Who knows, it might turn out to be that they tried to save her but it was too late?
“I was scared of him,” Liz tells Kyle. “I’m going to find out who killed my sister and bring them to justice. I’m going to fight like hell. Even if it was Max Evans.”
Well, we knew to expect angst and pain with this ship!

2. Max Helps Liz Heal

There is so much sizzling chemistry between Liz and Max that our poor shipper hearts can hardly stand it. That much is evident every time these two share a scene together with those longing looks and heart eyes.
One of the more beautiful scenes of the episode came when Liz, desperate to find some way to forgive her sister, asked Max to show her his memories of Rosa so that she can “feel her again.” Because when Max showed Liz his memories of herself in the previous episode, she could feel each of those memories again so vividly.
Liz’s problem when it came to forgiving Rosa was that she was so hung up on the facts rather than the feelings. Max showed Liz his memories — memories that always included Liz, because of course! — and you could visibly see the weight being lifted off of Liz’s shoulders and her heart opening up with forgiveness for her sister. Liz focuses less on how her sister was an addict and more on how her sister was her best friend. “Don’t focus on the science,” as Kyle had told her. “Focus on the memories.”

3. Liz’s Love For Her Sister

There’s something truly beautiful about a love for your sibling. Watching the journey that Liz has gone in over the course of two episodes when it comes to her sister Rosa has been beautiful and has become something I look forward to.
Liz spends most of the episode trying to find a way to forgive her sister. It’s the anniversary of her death and the accident that everyone blames Rosa for. The combination of Max helping Liz heal and the revelation that Rosa most likely was murdered rather than overdosed set Liz on her true course this season: Finding justice for her sister.
Watching those memories — how happy they both were — and seeing how distraught and how Liz carries the weight of this lost time makes your heart hurt. But it’s also beautiful just how much Liz loves her sister and will stop at nothing at bringing her justice — even if that means turning her back on the boy she loves.

4. Max’s Anger Issues

How very relatable of this character. And how very human of this alien.
Ever since Max Evans saved Liz Ortecho’s life, there’s been this “poison” inside of him that feels like a tornado that he can’t control. Except when he’s around Liz. And so far, those moments with Liz have quelled the storm.
Max punched Michael for threatening Liz. Max was ready to kill Long because he was the one that shot and — temporarily — killed Liz and tried to do the same to her dad. Max struggled throughout this episode to keep the immense anger within him leveled. And for someone that’s usually been a pretty level-headed guy, it proves difficult.
As we saw at the end of the episode, Liz has started to pull away from Max — unknownst to him because she suspects him in the murder of her sister. Now, that anger isn’t just going to go away. So how will Max deal with it? Hopefully with less angry sex with his police partner.

5. That Confrontation At The Crashdown

Now, usually I’d be against anyone coming near Liz and threatening her life. But for some reason, Isobel and Michael coming to the Crashdown to warn Liz to keep their secret was more intriguing than angry.
Isobel and Michael, they’re good people. Aliens. Whatever. And while they came to threaten Liz — including Michael telepathically throwing a knife into a cake near Liz — their motives were good. They’re trying to protect Max. And also themselves. But they have Max’s best intentions at heart. They love him. They’re a family. So I get it.
And I have to say, Max crashing through the day to protect Liz was hot as hell.
Oh, and Isobel licking jelly off her middle finger? So very badass and so very Isobel.

6. Michael and Alex’s Sexy Trailer Escapades

There’s never enough Michael and Alex scenes, but the writers made this one well worth the wait. We’ve only had two episodes with these two wonderful characters, and there’s already enough angst worthy of a season of backstory. Long story short, there’s so much yet to be told about their history and relationship, and I can’t wait to find out.
But let’s talk about that final scene where Alex comes to Michael to confess that a night of remembering who he was before the war reminded Alex of just how much he cared — sorry, still cares — for Michael.
“Every time you look at me I’m 17 again.”
And that’s the moment I died…
“Then you look away and it kills me every time,” Alex says.
And died again…
“I never look away,” Michael says. “Not really.”
Then we were rewarded with some sexy trailer times with our favorite “Gayliens” and we’ll never be the same. We want MORE MORE MORE.

7. Liz Learns That Her Sister’s Death Wasn’t An Accident

Oh, my poor baby Liz. Just two episodes and there’s been so much pain we’ve seen her in. From dying and coming back to life to learning her childhood friend/crush was an alien to having to deal with her sister’s overdose that caused the deaths of two girls, Liz has had a rough time of it.
But when Liz learns that Rosa was more likely murdered than the cause of her own death, the reaction is painful. Watching Liz’s hand fly to her mouth as she chokes through her tears. Watching the realization of what has happened — that her death was because of an alien, that it could be Max — was excruciating.
Of course Liz’s first thought is Max. She saw that he knew more about Rosa than he let on, not to mention he saw her the night that she died. But, more than likely, there’s more to the story than that. Maybe it wasn’t Max? Or maybe it was Max but it was unintentional — maybe him trying to save her and ended up not working?

8. Those ‘90s Vibes

Third Eye Bling. The (cover) songs. ‘90s night. Characters reminiscing about growing up in the ‘90s/’00s. The ‘90s nostalgia was so lovely.
It was a nice nod to the original. And can we make this a regular thing? It was nice to hear ‘90s music again — even covers!

And one thing we’d like to never see:

The Inevitable Love Triangle With Liz, Max, and Cam

We all know it’s coming. As evidenced by Liz pulling away from Max and Max having angry sex with Cam. I mean, I expected an inevitable love triangle once Tess came into the picture. But so soon? Eh.
Look, I’m all for a good love triangle if it’s worthwhile and can help grow these characters. But I don’t really know the point of this Max and Cam relationship. Is it for Max to settle because he can’t have Liz? That’s problematic and not a good message to send. Or does Max have some feelings he doesn’t realize?

Roswell, New Mexico airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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