‘Roswell, New Mexico” 1×02 Roundtable: “So Much For The Afterglow”

We love Roswell, New Mexico so much, we’re giving everyone on the Fangirlish staff a chance to talk about it! We’re also giving you a chance, if you want. That’s right, if you want to participate in one of these roundtables, just DM us on Twitter, and we’ll get you right in!

For now, joining me are Fangirlish writers Lyra, Jasmine and Lacey as we discuss “So Much for the Afterglow,” and speculate on what comes next.


Describe your thought about “So Much for the Afterglow” using six words or less.

Lizzie: Are you for freaking real, Liz?

Lyra: Liz can’t keep one damn secret.

Jasmine: What the hell just happened Liz?

Lacey: Someone tell Liz what “secret” means.

Describe your feelings about “So Much for the Afterglow” using a gif.

Lizzie: Lucille Bluth Side Eye GIF


Jasmine: Tired Kristen Stewart GIF

Lacey: Kevin Hart Wtf GIF


Liz wanted to kiss Max. Max wanted to kiss Liz. But, just two episodes in, secrets are already in their way. Do you think these secrets are going to keep them away all season, or will their feelings for each other complicate everything?

Lizzie: Hahahaha HAVE YOU SEEN THAT CHEMISTRY? No, there’s no way to keep these two apart, even if Liz does think he might have killed her sister. She’s going to start doubting these conclusions soon, I think, and she’s going to continue to be drawn to Max, and as for him, well, he’s already so deep in boy couldn’t find his way out if he tried, sooooo ….I give it 4 episodes max before they’re having an actual honest conversation about the secrets. And then, well ….you know, there’ll just be another issue in their way, but we’ll ship them just the same.

I also want to add, as much as I’m angry that Liz revealed Max’s secrets, I can’t really blame her for it – he lied to her, straight to her face, and she’s been living with her sister’s death for ten years, she just had to stare at autopsy pictures that showed her sister probably didn’t die the way she always thought. She’s not thinking straight, and I get that.

Lyra: This is The CW. No matter how much I’m loving this show, I have to remember that this network was the home of the hot mess known as The Vampire Diaries. (Which, I watched every single episode because I know what I’m about: drama and dumpster fires.) The secrets between Liz and Max will be there all season long and will be further complicated by the fact that it took her two episodes before blurting out to someone she hasn’t seen in years that Max Evans might an alien. Girl, hot mess. Can’t wait for Michael and Isobel to tell Max, “I told you so!”

Jasmine: Although Liz is conflicted about whether or not Max had something to do with her sisters death, she won’t be able to stay away. She is drawn to Max and they have a long history together which I might add was screwed up by Isobel!! Those two were meant to be together and did you see how uninterested Max was while hooking up with Jenna? I think the next couple episodes will start off with Liz trying to play this game of “let me pretend I want to be in a relationship with Max to find out what happened to my sister” but then as she digs deeper she will realize he had nothing to do with it and let the lovefest begin!

Lacey: If we don’t get a kiss by at least 1×05, I’m suing LOL No, but for real, they’re clearly soulmates and anyone who disagrees isn’t watching the same show. The guy literally brought her back to life while simultaneously revealing his deepest secret that he’s kept all his life. And then Liz got to feel every single one of those feelings through their temporary connection. Are things messy right now? Duh, but these two are destined and it’s just a matter of a time before they know it too.


While we’re in the subject of complicated relationships, Michael and Alex seem to be taking turns looking away from each other, and yet manage to come together in this episode. How rocky do you think the path ahead will be for these two?

Lizzie: I’m already thinking about investing in some good booze, because I think this is going to be PAINFUL. Maybe it’s because adulthood has made me realize how much of an asshole Michael really was, and how much I put up with it, and sorta waved it away, and oh boy, I can’t do that now, so I find myself sitting here and thinking, there’s a long way to go before this relationship can be what I want them to be, but I’m also sitting here thinking wow these two are so good together never stop. So, yeah. Booze.

Lyra: Resident gay, reporting for duty. Look, the more that I see and know about Michael, the more he comes off as an asshole. Right now, I don’t care if he never looks away or his growing/rekindling relationship with Alex is back on. Because right now, after watching two episodes of Roswell, New Mexico, Michael is a jerk with issues the size of Mount Everest. But, I gave the old Michael from the OG show plenty of opportunities to win me over and he was an even bigger asshole. So I’ll give you a chance, new Michael. But I got a feeling you gonna hurt Alex and my queer little heart. I can feel it in my bones, the drama is coming!

Jasmine: Hmmm Michael and Alex, I think they will continue to have an extremely rocky relationship. I mean look at how much they fight! Now I know people will say they are just passionate but no, they are just both stubborn! Michael has this “I don’t need anyone mentality” so that will definitely affect them alot. Not only that but I’m pretty sure Alex doesn’t know the truth about Michael yet so we shall see how that plays out….

Lacey: I only have one thing to say: Stop fighting it and just be together already! The angst in shows is always too much for my fangirl heart to take.


Kyle Valenti: trustworthy or not? Weigh in.

Lizzie: It’s episode two and he already knows the secret, so I’m going to go with trustworthy. Otherwise the show falls apart. Now, I don’t think it’s going to be easy of straight up, but I do think he’ll end up being an ally. We know who the ‘bad guys’ are, and Kyle isn’t one of them – he’s just …what’s the word? Complicated.

Lyra: Trustworthy. Kyle has a code and a major connection with Liz. He’s not going to go in guns blazing just because he learned that Max might be an alien. Like Liz, he’s a man of science and figuring shit out. He’ll bid his time, make sure he’s backing the right people, before making any huge judgement calls. Also, it’s Tyler Lockwood from The Vampire Diaries. Of course, I’m gonna give that trouble maker a chance on a new show!

Jasmine: Kyle, my sweet Dr. Valenti. I also feel that he can be trusted, I mean considering the fact that Liz had a big glowy alien handprint on her chest and he didn’t rat her out when he could have says alot. I know he might feel a slight bit of jealousy toward Max because that’s who Liz wants to be with. Also, who knows we could very well end up with an episode where he brings Max in after he learns his secret but then he’ll realize he’s actually not the bad guy.

Lacey: In the original series, Kyle irked me (A LOT) but in the reboot, I like the different direction they’ve gone with him. I truly think he cares about Liz and just wants to protect her. I don’t think he means anyone harm but he also feels torn from what he’s seen through his family’s research vs. doing what his gut tells him to do. Alas, I looooove Michael Trevino so of course I want to trust Kyle.


What do you think really happened to Rosa Ortecho? Speculate a little.

Lizzie: I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Max, Isobel and Michael might know, but they have nothing to do with it, mostly because that’s the point of no return, and I don’t think any show would go there while trying to set up a romantic relationship. But she definitely didn’t die like the town seems to think she did, and we all know there are other aliens around.

Or, how about this? Max found Rosa and tried to save her. He wasn’t as in control of his powers, so he couldn’t. He always felt guilty, so he didn’t say anything.

Lyra: Ok, so listen here. Rosa Ortecho was an undercover agent who was investigating crazy and mysterious incidents in the area. Liz and her pops never knew. Rouge alien landed on Earth looking for our three fav aliens. Just when our three were going to confront rouge alien hunter, Rosa and her buddies rolled up to the joint, ready to go Men in Black on their asses. Long story short, humans underestimate rouge alien dude. They die and their killer is taken down by Max, Michael, and Isobel; leaving them fucked up for years to come.

Jasmine: I am really unsure about this! Her autopsy report showed a handprint on her mouth and so I’m honestly racking my brain as to who put it there. Was it Max trying to stop her from saying something? Did another Alien cover her mouth to kill her? I am literally clueless right now!

Lacey: I agree with Lizzie on this one. I think they may have been trying to protect Rosa in some way and things took a turn for the worse (not by their hand or fault). I think she may stumbled upon something she wasn’t supposed to see and was killed to keep her silent. And I think the killers are the same people that have been hunting Max, Isobel and Michael their entire lives. What I do know is that Liz initially isn’t going to be to forgiving when the truth comes out.


So far the show seems to be doing a good job of balancing the political message, with plot. Have you enjoyed how current the show feels or would you rather they keep the politics away and focus on plot?

Lizzie: Considering who the President of the United States is, and considering who these characters are, the show would come off as really out of touch if it tried to pretend the world was anything other than what it is. I appreciate that the show is trying, and I appreciate that they seem to have the writers to do justice to the latinx experience.

Lyra: I love and understand the balance that Roswell, New Mexico has taken on when it comes to its political message. There’s no point in ignoring the world around us or what’s happening in our governments. And before anyone complains that, “I just want to enjoy TV. Why is it now things are political?” Girl, check yourself. TV, books, and movies have always been political. The people complaining NOW are feeling a little butt hurt because they can’t ignore what’s in their face anymore or keep on being bigots to their hearts content. Times has always brought change, people. Get on with it or shove off!

Jasmine: I am enjoying it very much. If it is entertaining you and making you think about the current political climate at the same time, I think that’s great. I think it’s intriguing the way they have the Aliens and the Latino humans basically dealing with the same type of problems in being ostracized because of who they are. That is one of the things that Max and Liz can definitely bond over.


Who’s your favorite character so far. You can only pick one.

Lizzie: I know this is going to surprise all of you, because I’m on record as not really liking Max much in the original, but Max. Liz might be close, but the last few seconds of the episode had me rolling her eyes at her a little, as much as, as I said before, I don’t really blame her, so Max it is, because he’s kind and good and I’m starting to think I just didn’t appreciate those qualities as much as I should have as a teenager.

Lyra: In a sea of Max’s…I pick Maria. I know, I know. We’ve only seen her for 2.5 seconds but in those 2.5 seconds I really liked her. She was kind to Liz even after all those years of not talking, remembered Rosa’s death day, and just seems like a really cool and chill person to hang out with. Plus, Maria was my favorite character back in the day when OG Roswell was around. Here’s hoping I get more of her and that she isn’t pushed to the side because she’s not dating Michael like in the OG show. Give me female friendships above all, Roswell, New Mexico!

Jasmine: My favorite character is also Max. I love him because he just plunges in and gets shit done without fear. He is selfless and always looks out for others. Doesn’t hurt that he’s not bad on the eyes either. (Been a fan since his brief stint on General Hospital)

Lacey: And I third the notion, Max. He seems to be battling a lot of inner demons while trying to protect the people he loves. He’s so relatable in that sense (alien being aside). He is a genuinely good person who wants to do the right thing but seems to get caught in problems that are out of his control. Also, Nathan reminds me so much of Milo Ventimiglia, so I see a little bit of Jack Pearson in him as well and who doesn’t love them some Jack Damn Pearson?

What are your feelings about Roswell, New Mexico? Did you enjoy “So Much for the Afterglow”? Share with us in the comments below!

Roswell, New Mexico airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on the CW.


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