What Outlander did Wrong in Season 4, and What it Needs to do in Season 5

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  1. Sophia W says:

    Im new to the show, season 1-3 were remarkable. I started season 4 and could feel something completely off. 1st I’ll just say it because I want it off my chest, The American from the actor playing Brianna is so bad. So bad I had to google who the actor was. Wheew. Her acting is also horrendous for a show that had some truly remarkable scenes throughout the first 3 seasons. And .. then … the storyline after Brianna travels back to 18th century started off so damn good and it just fell apart. Im only on s4e9 … I dont think I’ll keep watching 😢 I really am trying to find a reason from my google search but it seems it’s all around bad . It’s giving me Season 8 or Game of Thrones energy

    1. Lissete Lanuza Sáenz says:

      The show attempts to move from the Jamie/Claire focus to focus on the family from here on out, and it takes some getting used to. I think S5 is better, but S4 dragged. Though nothing is as bad as the last few GOT episodes IMHO, lol.

  2. Cathy says:

    I agree. Season four was brutal. I love love love this show, but I too, during season four found it hard to continue down that path.

    I am sorry, but the actress that plays Brianna is not good and has no chemistry with Roger. The writing for “drama for drama sake” was sophomoric.
    The show is much better than that.

    Even the writers leaving out the fact that Clarie Didn’t tell Jaime about Stephen bonnet after her daughter told her about the rape, is kind of the catalyst for everything that goes wrong.
    Clarie usually tells Jamie everything.

    Clarie always rises above and does the right thing, even having her self stay on the ship to help soldiers with the plague. But this one little discussion about Stephen bonnet causes Jaime to try and defend his daughters honor (which was very common in those days) by beating up the wrong man (identified incorrectly by Lizzie… But apparently Brianna can’t take into consideration any of these facts). I mean come on riders Clare would’ve at least showing Jaime that she got the ring back… Even though through tragic circumstances.

    Now the writers add insult to injury with poorly written arguments between Briana and Jamie and having Briana slap the crap out of Jaime and Ian and then this “Brat “ from America, who lands in this new world takes charge and orders everyone out of their home, leaving their animals and everything behind to go find her Roger… Who she only just realized she loved.
    I’m sorry but all I need to know is; did they get an entire new writing team for season four, because so much of the heart, the empathy, and the beautiful scenes are missing!!!
    Of course I will watch season five when it hits Netflix, but I’m praying to God it’s better!

  3. Happy to read this as I can relate and most of the reviews on rotten tomatoes were so positive I wondered what I had missed. I liked Roger OK until he impulsively asked Brianna to marry her and then wouldn’t even consider having sex with her until she did so, then the whole time with Brianna I am wondering if her heart is really in it or if she just acquiesced because it’s what he wanted. Never really felt their connection as much more than friendly. Then yes, the unnecessary rape yet again. I mean I didn’t really need that, did anyone? Plus scalping that wonderful native american woman friend of claire’s was horrid and also killed the only real Native American character with any potential to be much more than 2 dimensional. I think overall this season disappointed me in large part due to many sequences of characters I liked being portrayed badly (i.e. Jamie), characters I thought were fine as they were looking childish or downright troubling (Roger, Brianna), too many negative scenes and not enough really joyous ones. Plus Bonnet likely escaping ala Randal, and that godawful scene where they were digging all night to escape and got a foot deep, were never heard by a guard right out front and then Roger escapes single-handedly (literaly!) like 15 minutes later. Where did the show I loved so much go?

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