What Outlander did Wrong in Season 4, and What it Needs to do in Season 5

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  1. Sophia W says:

    Im new to the show, season 1-3 were remarkable. I started season 4 and could feel something completely off. 1st I’ll just say it because I want it off my chest, The American from the actor playing Brianna is so bad. So bad I had to google who the actor was. Wheew. Her acting is also horrendous for a show that had some truly remarkable scenes throughout the first 3 seasons. And .. then … the storyline after Brianna travels back to 18th century started off so damn good and it just fell apart. Im only on s4e9 … I dont think I’ll keep watching 😢 I really am trying to find a reason from my google search but it seems it’s all around bad . It’s giving me Season 8 or Game of Thrones energy

    1. Lissete Lanuza Sáenz says:

      The show attempts to move from the Jamie/Claire focus to focus on the family from here on out, and it takes some getting used to. I think S5 is better, but S4 dragged. Though nothing is as bad as the last few GOT episodes IMHO, lol.

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