‘Roswell’ 1×04 Roundtable: “Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?”


The focus on Rosa and solving her mystery is such a focal point. What are your theories on what happened to Rosa?

Erin: I haven’t a clue. But I do believe that whatever happened to Rosa is bigger than the characters we know about now. I would like to believe that I am wrong, but I don’t think I am. I also don’t think that Max, Izzy, and Michael are the only aliens out there. I feel like there is something else that we are missing. That’s what is so exciting about this show. You know that something else is coming and the story is unfolding. But I do believe that Kyle’s family had something to do with it.

Lizzie: I’m still going for the other aliens did it, and I still think maybe Max tried to help her, and that’s why she’s got the mark. Maybe back then he wasn’t strong enough, or maybe he decided not to, and that’s why he feels so bad. Either way, I’m 100% sure Michael, Max and Isobel, as guilty as they might feel, didn’t actually actively do anything to hurt her.

Jasmine: I am so stumped on this! I cannot for the life of me figure out what actually happened to her.  This is definitely one case I cannot crack!

Gillian: I still have no idea. I was convinced that the trio had nothing to do with her death and tried to save her. Ugh, this show!

There was a lack of #Malex in this episode, but we got to see Michael with Maria. Did you miss Malex? What do you think of the chemistry between Michael and Maria?

Erin: I am holding out for Malex. However, one can’t deny the chemistry between Maria and Michael. I feel like the relationships on Roswell are just beginning and there is so much more that we have to hold out for. Now that being said – the ship has chosen me and Maria and Michaels chemistry aside – I am always going to be team Malex. Now give them back to me.

Lyra: I’m an equal opportunity lover. Give me #Malex. Give me Maria and Michael. Hell, give me Maria and Isobel. This episode had all the sexual tension and it’s a free for all as far as I’m concerned, especially because we’re just at the beginning of our story on Roswell, New Mexico.

Lizzie: I think both the actors have chemistry with everyone, so it wasn’t really surprising. I loved Michael and Maria in the original, and I’m glad there’s chemistry here, but I’m all for Malex on this reboot. I’ve picked my lane, and I’m sticking.

Jasmine: I did miss Malex a little bit but there was so much going on in this episode that it wasn’t like I was desperate to see them.  The Michael and Maria thing kinda threw me, I’m wondering what the story is with those two and I hope this isn’t just a one-off thing and we get to see more.

Gillian: I did miss Malex but as Michael and Maria were my OTP from the original show, I loved seeing them interact. I always love the trope of hate turning into love so the playful animosity makes me happy.

Liz is on a crusade to figure out what happened to her sister, rightfully so. Do you think that she is on a healthy search? How do you think that it is affecting her life? Do you think she truly believe that Max did it?

Erin: Liz isn’t doing anything that is healthy for herself right now. She’s doing anything but healthy things. I get all that, but that being said, one can not blame her. I would be all over this too and wondering what the fuck happened to my sister. I would want to protect my Dad. However, I don’t think that Liz is seeing anything clearly. She’s not doing this for Rosa. She’s doing it for herself and I can’t blame her. We all need closure.

Lyra: Liz’s crusade is understandable but not healthy. It’s something I would do too, let’s clarify that because who wouldn’t for their sister, but it’s also something that would probably crush me under the weight of it all. I don’t think that she thinks Max is guilty. Buttttt, AND IT’S A BIG BUT, she’s not going to let the fact that she has known Max for ages steer her away from the possibility that he was involved in the death of her sister. And I appreciate that coming Roswell, New Mexico. She’s not letting “love” or “lust” get in the way of seeing what’s around her.

Lizzie: I think the obsession isn’t healthy, but it’s understandable. The thing is, she has to find a way to move on for herself, and she’s gotta realize she’s not doing this for Rosa, but for Liz – because that’s the only way to move on. As for Max, I don’t think she truly believes it deep down, but she isn’t the type to trust feelings, she needs empirical evidence, and she doesn’t have that yet.

Jasmine: I don’t think she is on a healthy search at all.  It is literally taking over her life now and she can’t seem to focus on anything else.  I believe deep down, Liz doesn’t truly think that Max had anything to do with Rosa’s death.  She has known him for most of her life and I think she is actually searching so hard for Rosas killer to disprove that Max had anything to do with her death.  

Kyle or Max for Liz? Why? Is one good for right now?

Erin: Kyle needs to go away. #Echo forever.

Lyra: Kyle and Max for each other. Liz for me. I have no regrets.

Lizzie: Whatever Liz chooses. I think endgame is Max for sure, and Kyle can be the now, but I don’t think he’s truly the now in that Liz cares about him, not truly, so even in that regard, I’d want for Kyle to find someone that truly cares.

Jasmine: Max for Liz all the way! When I watch Max and Liz together, I can see the love in their eyes whereas with Kyle and Liz, I just see friendship.  I don’t think any one of them is necessarily good for Liz right now because she is so focused on Rosas death that she can’t see straight.

Gillian: Endgame is Max and Liz. I don’t know! I like Kyle but both of them are so much drama right now. Kyle is less drama than Max but he’s working on a lot as well.

Personally I don’t trust Kyle. Do you think that he’s on the up and up? Do you think that he’s working with Project Shepard? Do you think he slept with Liz for the right reasons?

Erin: Kyle is up to something and personally – I think he’s working for Project Shepard on the down low. I don’t think that he’s trustworthy. I also think that he’s willing to stop at nothing to expose aliens – and sure, he knows about Max. But why expose one when you can do it all. I think he’s lying to Liz and sure their sexual encounter was consensual – but I also think things would be different if he was being truthful. Cause I do not think he’s the good guy here.

Lyra: I trust Kyle so far. What he’s done for Liz and her family & the way he’s treated Max so far, speaks of a person who’s got their head on straight. Kyle is here to help people, support his friend, and keep the people of Roswell, New Mexico safe. As for sleeping with Liz, they were both adults who knew what they were doing. No wrong in that.

Lizzie: I trust Kyle so far, and I don’t think he’s done anything to make us believe he’s all that bad, even if he’s been involved in shady things. Now, this is  TV show, so I’m not putting my hands on the fire for anyone forever, but right now, no, I don’t think he’s working with Project Shepard.

Jasmine: I am also leery of Kyles intentions.  He’s been collecting information and providing it to Project Shepard so I am definitely questioning his motives.  I do not think he slept with Liz for the right reasons at all, I mean he referred to it as “Recreational sex,” plus he had just brought her dad home from the hospital so she was in a somewhat vulnerable state.  I was pretty irritated by them sleeping together especially when Liz obviously does love Max.

Gillian: Sorry for bringing up the original so much, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Kyle and I appreciate the reboot team for bringing him into the fold faster than the original. Did they sleep together for the right reasons? No, but they have a history and almost had sex earlier in the show so I figure it was time for them to act on it.

Liz speculates that Rosa’s secret boyfriend was Kyle’s dad. Do you think that is true? Do you think Liz is grasping at straws?

Erin: I mean – I think that Liz is grasping at anything that she can get her hands on. She needs something. But I don’t think that Kyle’s Dad was her boyfriend. What I do think is that Rosa knew about Project Shepard and that something was going to happen to her and Kyle’s Dad tried to get her out of town.

Lyra: I honestly, don’t know what to think of that. Liz was so hot and cold when it came to this and one second she was like, “YOU DAD DID IT!” and the next, “OMG, I’M SO SORRY, OF COURSE HE DIDN’T!” Really left me in a “what” place.

Lizzie: No, I think it’s more likely Kyle’s dad has something to do with her death, than it is for Rosa to have been romantically involved with him. We always knew Kyle’s dad was shady, though, so if it turns out to be true, I won’t be truly surprised.

Jasmine: The fact that Rosas secret boyfriend could have been Kyles dad, confused me.  That was a head scratcher for me for sure because I actually found myself thinking that maybe Isobel and Rosa had something going on.  I think Liz is so desperate for information that she will take any piece she can get ahold of and just run with it.

Gillian: That revelation blew my mind! I feel like it could be true. Kyle didn’t seem to think it was that crazy and who knows? We haven’t learned a lot about Kyle’s dad yet and it seems like Rosa was mixed up with a lot of different people in Roswell.

Liz’s Dad! My heart stopped. With such a true to life situation, the fears of ICE – do you think that the show was making a political situation? Or do you think that they were making it relatable? What were your thoughts? What do you feel about Kyle making sure he was safe?

Erin: What Lyra and Lizzie say below. HOWEVER I am not falling for Kyle. He’s shady. Thought I will give him credit for what he did for Liz’s Dad.

Lyra: The real life ramifications of what ICE is doing to immigrants in the United States is something that can not be ignored, especially in this show. Additionally, the trouble that the dad is going through right now isn’t done to make a political statement or just a moment to uppercut the President and all his stupid for views. Everything that is happening to the Ortecho family is real, part of the storyline, and something that isn’t just going to go away because there are aliens from outer space on the scene. Also, Kyle, you need to stop trying to make me fall in love with you with how kind, understanding, patient, and dedicated you are to the people of Roswell, New Mexico.

Lizzie: I think when you’re telling a story like this one, if you’re gonna be true to life, you have to make it a political statement, because for someone like him, his very existence is a political statement, in a way. And I appreciated Kyle so much for helping, that he accrued a lot of goodwill there. A lot.

Jasmine: I do think that they were trying to make a political statement that was in fact very relatable.  Currently, there are real people out there dealing with this issue everyday. The fear of being taken away by ICE even when you have fallen ill is a very real thing.  I think it was very kind of Kyle to make sure that Liz’s dad stayed safe, after all he is a doctor so he has an obligation to look out for his patients. Not only that but, I think Liz would have been pretty upset with him if he let her father get taken away.   

Izzy doesn’t seem to be strong enough to use her powers. What is going on there? Do you like Izzy? Do you feel like she was out of line not telling Max about Liz’s true feelings?

Erin: Izzy is something that I can’t figure out. I want to . I want to believe in her and that she’s got good intentions. However I don’t understand her at all and I feel like she is just really – well boring. I am hoping that Izzy picks up. However – I lost all respect for her when she didn’t tell Max about Liz’s true feelings. To me that just made her bitchier than normal.

Lyra: Izzy is a curious thing for me. She annoys the heck out of me at one point because she should tell Max about Liz’s feelings for him and everything she did to get Liz to go Bye, Bye, Bye to Roswell, New Mexico. But then at other times I understand where she’s coming from and why she’s done everything up to this point. Basically, my mind isn’t made up on this woman and I’m absolutely down to getting to know here better, especially if it uncovers what the hell is going on with her powers.

Lizzie: I think she should have told him, yes, because she’s making decisions for him and that’s never good, even when you do it to protect others. As for her powers, I don’t think she’s ever had to fight against something as strong as Liz’s feelings, and that’s not necessarily on her – she just hasn’t been there before.

Jasmine: I have no idea what is wrong with Isobel, but something is definitely wrong with her.  Maybe she is experiencing a strong force of guilt that is making it hard for her to focus.  I absolutely feel she was out of line by not telling Max how Liz truly feels about him. I mean who is she to keep them apart? How can she do that to Max when she knows how much he cares for Liz.  She can see how much it is killing him to not be with Liz and yet she still continues to make it her mission to keep them apart.

Michael said at the end that he was the one who killed Rosa and the girls. Do you believe him? Why? Why Not?

Erin: I think he thinks he did it and/or was part of it. I don’t think he did. WHY? It’s too easy. 

Lyra: Nope. Too easy. Need more info. Bring it on Roswell, New Mexico!

Lizzie: I think he might think he did it, or feel responsible, but I don’t think it was him, not at all.

Jasmine: No.  I don’t believe Michael at all.  I think he loves Izzy and Max so much, he is willing to sacrifice himself so he would say anything.  I know Michael can be a bit abrasive at times but I don’t believe he would murder anyone.

Gillian: I don’t believe him. As I said earlier, I’m so confused about Rosa’s death. He’s definitely trying to protect Izzy and Max but to sacrifice himself like this… There are way too many questions about Rosa’s death but I really think the handprint has to do with one of them trying to save her, not hurt her.

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