‘Roswell, New Mexico’ 1×09: Our Shipper Hearts Can’t Take This

There are few things on television that have us all sitting down in front of the television fighting over who can review, who can offer an opinion, and whose shipper hearts are going to be destroyed. Roswell, New Mexico just happens to be the show that does that for us.

The best thing about Roswell, New Mexico is that it never takes a moment off. They have found a way to keep you waiting on pins and needles for the next move, the next thing that will happen, and trying to solve everything that is going on. But no matter what our theories with the show are, we know that the next episode is probably going to smash those theories. And we’re not upset over it. We’re actually applauding that the team behind Roswell, New Mexico has us guessing, emotionally invested, and wanting more.

The show doesn’t feel drawn out.

The show doesn’t feel pushed.

The show doesn’t feel forced.

And that’s the beauty of the writing and direction of this show. This show sets a certain standard that other ones should take note of.

This past weeks episode was entitled “Songs About Texas” and it gave us a new appreciation for just how beautifully that this show is crafted. It pays homage to the original Roswell subtly, but the truth is – it’s such a show that can stand on it’s own. That’s rare with a reboot, but we’re so thankful that the team behind this show has made sure that we fall deeper and deeper in TV love with every week.

This episode gave us a lot that we can’t stop talking about. Lets break it all down.

One Last Mission

Now I will be the first to admit that I don’t like Kyle. Some people take that really personally, but we all have different feelings on characters. Now I would like to say that I could be wrong. He’s growing on me.

The truth is that Project Shepherd may be a thing that I come to embrace if it brings us the fourth alien. But let’s really take a step back and talk about why we’re loving the pairing of Alex, Kyle, and Cameron. It’s like to group that we didn’t know that we needed out of life, but it’s one that we are embracing and holding onto with all of our might.

Now we all know that Alex’s Dad is a piece of shit and that he’s blackmailing Cameron. Part of what we love about her is she is like “whatever mutha fucker, I will bring you down.”

I loved that Cameron went to Alex. I loved that she went to find a way to bring down his Dad. Yes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and so Alex was the best person for her to go to. But with Alex and Kyle serving her a bunch of truth tea about aliens and her not flinching – I had a new found respect for her. The way that she’s willing to dive into the truth – even when there is the possibility of it hurting her – she doesn’t flinch – proves that she’s strong AF.

I think that this whole revelation of aliens being real isn’t easy tea to swallow. I don’t know how else to say this – besides just saying it – I firmly believe that Cameron is in love with Max. Now, she may not have caught a case of the feels. I get that she’s grown and she may be able to have sex without catching a case of the feels, but I really think that she’s caught them.

I think that the three of them working together is going to be so fun and honestly, I don’t think that it will be one last mission. I don’t think that it will even come close. But these three are what I am living for right now.

Our Malex Hearts

I think something important to note is that ships on this show are part of what drives the show. They are this essential part of the show, a part of the show that makes us fall deeper and deeper everyday.

Now, sure – we’re superfans of Michael Vlamis. If you don’t know who he is, then to be honest, we feel like you need to do your research. We totally love Tyler Blackburn too – don’t get me wrong. But when Michael is on the screen – maybe it’s that you want to run your fingers through that hair or you want him to come at you with all the fiery passion that he comes at Alex with – but you can’t help but stand up and scream that God has given us a blessing.

Now, both of them are stubborn assholes and maybe that makes for all the sexual tension that pops off the screen, but we want them both to just cop to their feelings, be open about what they want from each other, and just be together. But they like to dance around that a lot.

However, Alex keeps showing over and over that he loves Michael – you know, to everyone but Michael. He wants to protect him. He wants to love him, but that means being vulnerable and after the fucked up life he’s had – I don’t blame him for not wanting to be vulnerable.

But when Michael asks him if he wants to know what he is – I literally fell off my bed. I feel like with the two of them it’s this game of chess and I am ready for the check mate.

The Echo Heard Around The World

Echo is end game. I admit it. I just don’t understand it in myself. Why? Because if someone covered for someone who murdered someone that I loved – there is no forgiveness coming from me. Just accept the fact that I will hate you for the rest of my life.

But the thing is Liz is a better person than all of us, because she has the capacity for forgiveness. I have the capacity to tell you that you’re a piece of shit and that you ever even look my way and i’ll kick you.

But Liz, oh Liz…

She doesn’t blame Max. Hell she’s trying to save Isabel. BUT – she still see’s the good in Max. And though I don’t get it, I do admit that with all Max’s poetic words I would probably be guided by my feelings too. She’s definitely caught a case of forgiveness and the feels.

It took one second for me to forget all of the shit that Max has done and lied about and two more seconds for me to cheer it on.

The thing about Roswell is that it throws you curve balls and doesn’t drag anything out. It makes you forget you anger. It brings you joy and it brings you pain. But it also brings you what you didn’t know that you needed.

That kiss.

Oh that kiss.

It knocked me on my ass and I was cheering. It was what I needed.

And it’s gotten me to think more about forgiveness. But that’s just a side note.

We’ll Never Get Max and Isabel’s Relationship

This one will be short, but it may be something that most people don’t agree with.

Max and Isabel’s relationship is kinda like on another level of shit i don’t get. Me – I would not be in a cave, reading to my sister in a pod. But maybe it’s a twin thing. But one I don’t get, so there has been a lot of discussion around this.

Am I the only one who finds it weird?

I think Noah does too. I mean hell, he insinuated that Max was capable of killing his sister. But what I want to know is why Noah isn’t weirded out when he finds out where Isabel is. Like I mean, if you found out the love of your life is an alien – wouldn’t you run away?

I would be freaked out.

Ugh – as annoying as Isabel

That Desert Fling

Let me repeat – Malex is end game. But Michael and Maria.


Let me tell you that I appreciate that Roswell, New Mexico has representation and really depicts the real world (even in a show about aliens). I ship the shit out of Malex, but I don’t mind for a second that Maria and Michael are the now or the one night or the whatever they are.

I love Maria. I love Michael. I feel like there is a tension there. They are one of my favorite parts of the show.

Whatever happens between them – I am for it all. They don’t have to be together permanently – but just seeing them together on the screen is enough to make me happy.

Being Ones Own Savior 

Maria DeLuca has been through a lot. She is going through a lot. But like she’s this picture of strength and vulnerability, this person that we all can learn from.

She’s looking for everything and anything to give her hope, and I respect that. Being at the end of your rope. With everything happening and it all being painful – hope is sometimes the only thing that you have. Sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps you alive.

She’s everything. She’s the underdog. She’s reminding us that you don’t know everyone’s story, that even in the face of the worst, you can be strong. But sometimes strength is letting your guard down and showing people the pain.

Roswell, New Mexico airs on The CW.

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