‘Grand Hotel’ 1×03 Review: Secretos, Secretos, Secretos

TV shows can, at times, end up doing way more than they intended. Throw us a curveball, if you will. They can make us laugh and they can make us cry, they can make us feel and they can leave us thinking. But above all things, TV shows are meant to do one very important thing:

Entertain us.

Usually, to do that, they’ll have to elicit some emotion in us – a positive one, at that. No one wants to continue watching a show they hate (been there), and no one wants to continue watching a show they found boring AF (been there too). Thankfully, Grand Hotel is neither of those things.

In fact, what Grand Hotel is…well, fun. And messy and chaotic and diverse and beautiful and the perfect summer show. Like sitting at the beach sipping a piña colada. That’s what this show is. And just like piña coladas, we can’t have enough!

So let us go into the mysteries, the secrets, the drama and the ships of “Curveball”:


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Look, I once suggested the chemistry between Alicia and Danny was missing something, and I just want to say, from the bottom of my heart, that I’m sorry I said that. I take it back. These two are absolutely worth watching this show for – but the best thing is, they don’t have to be your only reason. But that’s a matter for another section. We’re now here to gush about the CHEMISTRY.

Getting two actors that click is hard, and getting two characters that work together as both OMG THESE TWO WOULD BE SO HOT TOGETHER and OMG I JUST WANT THEM TO CUDDLE AND TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER is even rarer.

Of course, Grand Hotel is not the kind of show that’s going to make it easy, but I also don’t anticipate Alicia’s assumptions are going to be a big deal for a while. Especially because, despite the fact that Danny is, indeed, lying to her, Alicia is surrounded by liars and secrets, and Danny might be the one person who isn’t hiding something that directly affects her.

Either way, as in the original, I hope we come to a point where Danny confides in Alicia. I want to see them not just, you know, exploring that chemistry, but working together to solve the mystery of Sky’s disappearance, and of course, every other mystery around.


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Through everything that’s going on, all the secrets and the lies, there’s one constant in Grand Hotel: I just want to protect Alicia and Javi Mendoza. Literally bubble wrap them and take them away from all the insanity. And considering that Danny is at least not lying directly to Alicia about something that involves her, I’m feeling more inclined to protect Javi than anyone else.

And this episode kinda showcased why. Javi is, not so deep down, a good guy. He’s been lost for a while, likely as a result of his accident, and all he lost, but now, the idea that he’s going to become a father is pushing him towards the responsibility he kept so long avoiding.

But consider who he is and how he reacted to Ingrid’s lie. Once she gave him a little bit of an explanation, he quickly believed her, he never disrespected her, and he’s never tried to evade what he feels is his responsibility. In fact, if anything, he’s embracing it. He wants to do better, not just by himself, but by his future child. For his future child.

You don’t become that kind of person overnight, but then again, Javi never needed to. He was always that guy. And that’s why I foresee this mess with Ingrid is going to get even messier. And though I love Ingrid, I am, first and foremost, the President of the Javi Mendoza Fan Club. Now and forever.

Things I think I think:

  • If I were rating shows on abs alone, GH would get an A+++
  • More long scenes with abs, please.
  • Can we get multiple abs in one scene?
  • How long till Javi asks Ingrid to go with her to appointments? He’s SO SOFT.
  • How can Alicia and Danny manage both? This is madness.
  • I will go on record as saying that I hate the latinx tendency to call women “mami.”
  • BUT IT’S SO REAL. It happens.
  • Also, El Rey is so EXTRA I’m almost, almost starting to like him.
  • Alicia/Danny are legit giving flirting 101 classes here.
  • “Good talk? Shut up Alicia.”
  • Yeah, Alicia is US.
  • Is anyone surprised Ingrid has the car? Ingrid is a survivor.
  • Danny + Jason are already friendship GOALS.
  • We don’t like you, Mateo.
  • El Rey IS like a child.
  • Also, Gigi’s pink pantsuit is FIERCE.
  • “Please, close the door on your way out.”
  • Wooow.
  • I’m appointing myself President of the “Protect Javi Mendoza” club.
  • Mamita isn’t better than mami, okay latinx men of the world?
  • I know the whole point of this show is everyone’s secrets have secrets, but part of me is like DON’T YOU SPILL BEATRIZ’S SECRETS!
  • Can I make a HR complain about general bitchiness?
  • Danny, you’re so bad at this.
  • And by this, I mean everything EXCEPT flirting with Alicia.
  • Fine, Ingrid, the car I can sorta accept, but the CREDIT CARD?
  • Ugh, I believe you Ingrid. I’m not sure what that says about me.
  • “I ….am gonna die alone.”
  • Oh, Jason.
  • Mateo with a gun and the poor guy just wanted to get laid!
  • She read the manual twice.
  • My baby Alicia. I love you.
  • Santiago Mendoza sticking up for Javi. Wonders never cease.
  • “Dad is probably getting worried about you.”/ “You’re right, I’ll text him.”
  • Gigi, you’re giving me whiplash here.
  • Is this episode missing any trope?
  • NOT
  • DANNY.
  • Jason, come oooon. Be a little less Jason.
  • I don’t know how I expected Santiago to react, but it wasn’t like this.
  • Who drops parts of love letters? Someone who wants someone else to find them!
  • Even Mrs. P is in on THE SECRETS.
  • I just want to protect Alicia and Javi from this family.
  • The title also amused me this week. “Curveball” and it’s double meaning was, indeed, a very clever title.
  • Female directors make their male characters look better, and Eva Longoria does that this week. I mean, except for Mateo, everyone else – even El Rey, came out this episode looking much more sympathetic.
  • Same goes for the ladies, actually.
  • My point: More female directors.
  • Less Mateo.

Agree? Disagree? What did you think about “Curveball”? Share with us in the comments below!

Grand Hotel airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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