Lifestyle Lift: Ways people treat me differently since getting a Pixie Cut

We all experience that feeling right after going to get our hair cut. You think everyone is looking at you and you feel priceless. I felt exactly that way a month ago when I decided to get the marvelous pixie cut!


I stepped right out of the hair salon and the world just didn’t deserve me. My new haircut made me feel fierce, feminine, and elegant but then something strange happened.

As the days passed, I started noticing several changes in the way people treated me. It was like the length of my hair determined the way people approached.

Now, this is not my first rodeo with short hair. When I was 16 years old I completely pulled a “Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta” and shaved my head. At that time I noticed people treated me differently, but I looked so young that I always assumed everyone just saw me like a rebellious child.

This time around was different though. Here are a few ways people treat me differently since getting a pixie cut:

People Treat Me with More Respect 

I tend to look very young with long hair and the fact that I’m simply a woman doesn’t help. People explain things to me like I’m an idiot all the time, because I look like a child. Of course, I still get the regular mansplaining incident, but since getting my hair cut so short people seem to take me more seriously.


If I ask for were things are or If I ask for an explanation, strangers seem to be more direct and useful. They’ll tell me the information I need to know and we will both go on with our lives.

I Don’t Get Carded as Often

We’ve already established that I suffer from baby face and that long hair never helped me. If I got a cent for every time I have been carded I would be a millionaire. Since getting a Pixie cut though people seem to believe I’m actually a 20 year old something more often that not. I can buy booze and or enter “adult” places easily. I still get carded sometimes but definitely not like before.

People Staring

Usually, I never turn heads in public. I’m just a simple woman!

Long hair seems to help me blend in with the crowd, but since getting my hair cut I feel like people are more intrigued to turn around and look. I’ve caught several people just blatantly staring at me.

I think people are still fascinated by the idea that a woman can wear a pixie cut. What a wild concept!

People Voicing Their Opinions 

Since getting my hair cut, people seem to think that I have a giant billboard over my head that says “Please, tell me how I should wear my hair”.

Some people mean well and they just want to tell me that they like the new hair do, but some people can’t wait to let me know that women are not meant to have short hair. They can’t wait to tell me how much better I looked with short hair and how I made a bad decision.

This is something I have never experienced having medium or long hair. I guess the fact that I have short hair is really triggering for certain people. Sucks for them.

All in all, I’m very happy with this new change and I’m proud to feel comfortable enough to wear it with glee. I can’t wait to see what other new experiences I will have now that I’ve joined the pixie cut club.

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