Our Favorite Robert Pattison Films

I’m sure by now you all know Robert Pattinson is our next Batman.

Wait. What? Robert Pattinson? You mean Edward Cullen? Sparkly vampire dude? That Robert Pattinson? Okay, hear me out. Step out of the Twilight zone (not the show) and let me tell you why Robert Pattinson is not a bad choice.

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I know a vast majority of you are concerned that a guy who played a broody vampire for 5 films was chosen to play Gotham’s savior. Allow me to convince you that he can.

Do I sound like an avid R. Patz fan? Good, because I am, and I am not ashamed to admit it. I was drawn to Robert like most fans because of Twilight. However, once Twilight was done, I chose to continue following his career.

It’s unfortunate when a talented actor is seen as only one thing by the masses. Robert is more than Edward Cullen. I have seen that through every role he has taken on. If you are not convinced yet, here are the top 7 R. Patz films you need to watch.

Good time

I recently watched this, and I don’t know why it took me so long, because it was amazing. Rob plays Connie, a brother on a mission to rescue his younger, mentally challenged brother from jail after a botched robbery. It’s gritty, and raw and Roberts performance was phenomenal. He completely transformed for this role. Seriously, this is one to watch.







Robert in a suit, hair slicked back for 2 hours? Yes, please. Robert’s character, Erick Packer, spends most of the film riding in a limo, however, he goes through various shifts. He starts off this cool and collected businessman but as the film progresses, he slowly begins to unravel.  Not only is his business crumbling before his very eyes, he has someone that is looking to kill him.  I have read the book Cosmopolis, written by Don DeLillo and I have to say Robert does an exceptional job.  His final scenes with Paul Giamatti are truly captivating.








Twilight, Breaking Dawn Part 1

Yes, I put a Twilight movie on this list. So what? While Robert was good in all 5 films, he really nailed it for me in this one. I felt like he really got to express his acting chops in this one. I really felt his anger/hurt over Bella’s choice to keep their baby, while he had to watch her die. The moment that really got me was when he was fighting to bring Bella back to life, as he begged and pleaded for her not to leave him.





Remember me

Roberts character Tyler is just a regular guy living in New York City. He has a strained relationship with his father after a family tragedy. This is one of my favorite films, and it is my absolute favorite of Roberts performances to this date. There is so much drama and angst in this film, and he pulled it off so well. I really don’t want to get into too much detail on this one because it could potentially spoil it, but I highly recommend it.







Little Ashes

In this film, Robert portrays the infamous Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali. The film focuses on his romance with poet Federico Garcia Lorca. Although this film didn’t have many great reviews, Robert did an amazing job of bringing Salvador Dali’s eccentric past to life.





In this biopic, Robert plays up and coming photographer Dennis Stock, who was given an assignment to shoot the famous actor James Dean as he was becoming a rising star in Hollywood. The two spent a great deal of time together, as they traveled from Los Angeles to New York City, and Indiana. Dane Dehaan plays James Dean. He and Robert had great onscreen chemistry. I truly believed Rob as a struggling photographer who wanted to be taken seriously by showing the world what he could do. Dennis fought tooth and nail to get the agency he worked for to allow him to do a story on James Dean. Robert really sold that for me.


The Rover

This film is a little on the slow side however, Robert is who kept me interested. He plays Rey a young man who is very needy. After a robbery gone wrong, he is left for dead by his brother and some friends in the desolate Australian outback. He’s picked up by a man named Eric, whose car his brother and co has stolen. Rey is naïve and easily manipulated, so he goes along with Eric and takes him to his brother to get the car back. Why is the car so important you ask? Well, just watch the film for yourself. As I said, Robert was the draw for me, and his performance was unlike any other he has done before.



Now that I have given you this list, I hope you will consider at least one of these films because they are worth watching.

Which of these films sounds interesting? Have you watched any of them? What are your favorite R. Patz films? Share with us in the comments below!

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