Batman. I guess the thing about Robert Pattinson is that being a die hard Twilight fan will make me think only the best of him in anything. I will look forward to seeing any role that he plays. Except that damn short where he wanted a hot dog. I don’tRead More →


When sitting down to write this intro to my thoughts on last week’s Titans premiere, I feel the obligatory need to use the line that almost every other article and review has used. But I won’t, because I don’t succumb to peer pressure. Okay fine: “Titans are back, bitches!” Well,Read More →

The new season of Titans is coming Sept. 6, and it will have plenty of new faces added to the cast. We caught a glimpse of some of them in the trailer last week. Since there are often many versions/stories of every character in comic books, I thought I wouldRead More →

I’m sure by now you all know Robert Pattinson is our next Batman. Wait. What? Robert Pattinson? You mean Edward Cullen? Sparkly vampire dude? That Robert Pattinson? Okay, hear me out. Step out of the Twilight zone (not the show) and let me tell you why Robert Pattinson is notRead More →

Superhero stories are, hands down, my favorite kinds of stories. They have been for as long as I can remember. There’s something about the dichotomy of good and evil. The comfort of easily identifiable – and often handily dispatched – villains. The idea that there are heroes who will alwaysRead More →

Gotham is not and never will be Mayberry. If it was, it wouldn’t need a Dark Knight. But after years of making dark animated films, Batman’s creative team lightened up and had fun with the newest DC Universe Original Movie, “Batman and Harley Quinn,” which premiered at San Diego Comic-ConRead More →