‘Her Universe’s Ashley Eckstein Talks Community, Being Positive, and Fashion

If there’s anything that Ashley Eckstein, the brilliant mind behind Her Universe and the Her Universe Fashion Show, wants you to know about her company it’s that this is a family. This is a community. It’s a safe space where women in particular can feel free, valued, and like their likes are important enough to create apparel, accessories, and more. And that sets her aside from any creator we’ve ever encountered.

For so long we were told that this world is just for men and boys. And to be happy in a men’s T-shirt and by having stuff made for you, made for a girl, it just makes you feel more confident and accepted. And so the merchandize has always been a means for the community and really to say that this world is for everyone.”

The Her Universe Fashion Show, a celebration of creators that is hosted at San Diego Comic Con and which is entering its 6th year, is part of that mission to make people feel seen and important. It’s all about “the power of fashion” according to Eckstein and not just buying things from the Her Universe website. 

This year things are getting a little extra special with the Her Universe Fashion Show collaborating with Dreamworks She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, which sent Eckstein into a spiral we can all understand after watching She-Ra; whether it be the old or new version.

“I’ve been a long time She-Ra fan, ever since I was a little girl. Instead of a Barbie Dreamhouse, I had a Castle Greyskull. And that’s what I played with as a little girl and so I’ve always loved She-Ra. And I especially love the new series. I just think it’s so important. What it stands for and the messages that it’s teaching; not only to adults that constantly inspire us, but the lessons it’s teaching the younger generation, it’s just so incredible.”

And although Eckstein remained mum about how her relationship with Dreamworks She-Ra and the Princesses of Power came to fruition, she could share one thing. One single and most important thing when it comes to Her Universe, She-Ra, and our Best Friends Squad: Being Positive!

We’re not talking about looking in the mirror and giving yourself the pep talk of your life. (If you do that, bless you. You got this and keep up the self care!) We’re talking about positive intersectional content that makes all those around them feel included and like they’re seen! And it makes it extra special if it’s got a healthy dose of community.

That’s especially true for the competitors that have been on this Her Universe journey for weeks before the Fashion Show finale. According to Eckstein, unlike other competitions or reality fashion shows, “Competitors support each other.”

They end up creating communities and areas of inspiration that Eckstein could only dream of and which she is proud to have facilitated. Because this is all about community first and foremost. And again, she sees her competitors reflected in the heart of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. “She-Ra is really about a group. It’s about a community and how they all come together to fight the Horde and face their daily battles and it’s really such a beautiful message of friendship and community, that I hope our audience takes away.” 

Being positive, friendship, unity; it’s all “the spirit of the show” and something that Eckstein hopes fans and attendees take with them when they leave the show, head back to San Diego Comic Con, and continue being the fabulous, free spirited, and community ready individuals we have been because of She-Ra and places of geek like Her Universe. 

“It’s almost like Her Universe and the designers of power,” Eckstein explained. And we couldn’t agree more!

The Her Universe Fashion Show is Thursdays night at San Diego Comic Con.

What are you looking forward to when it comes to the Her Universe Fashion Show? Let us know in the comments section below!


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