'Bring Me an Avocado' is a Slice of Life You Need to Watch

‘Bring Me an Avocado’ is a Slice of Life You Need to Watch

It’s a good sign when a movie leaves you wanting for more. At least in my book it’s true. That’s the case with Bring Me an Avocado. This slice of life feature film is the creation of writer and director Maria Mealla. And when the movie ends, you’re left with this feeling that you watched something extraordinary and that you want more of it.

Maybe a TV show would’ve been better and what this story deserved to tell it properly and with all the time in the world. But we didn’t get that and have to make due with the story told, the characters in it, and the world created by Mealla. Which, we love all these things and more about Bring Me an Avocado.

The story drew me in from the very first scene. And in the span of a couple minutes we got to know a family, how their lives were with each other, and the love that they shared. Everything seemed normal; a regular slice of life feeling taking over. But in a split second, and because of a young boy whose motivations we’re not sure of, changed the lives of this family forever.

The characters brought to life in this story were played by extraordinary actors who sold every smile, heartbreaking moment, or bit of anger they felt in their heart because of the situation they were all in. And I swear to you, never have I ever watched a group of characters and fallen head over heels for the people they were. In the span of 10 minutes I was like, “These are my children and I will protect them forever.”

That’s not to say these characters are perfect. Oh, dear Lord, they mess up. Big time. And that’s ok. Why? Because people are messy. People are a collection of feelings, motivations, and actions that sometimes jar us or leave us feeling nothing but disbelief. And that’s ok when writing characters. Hell, I’d encourage writers to give us compelling characters that make us wonder if we love or hate them.

And I felt that in Bring Me an Avocado. I loved the children. They could do no wrong. But the dad, oh lord he did some messy stuff. But who wouldn’t be after watching your wife waste away in a bed without any sign of her waking up? Who wouldn’t make mistakes as they try to battle grief, changes in family dynamics, and the loss of a partner? If you say, “Not I.” then you’re lying.

Thanks to Maria Mealla we got to experience a little slice of a story that she had been holding inside of herself. We got to experience her vision, all its nuances, and what grief does to even the brightest and most loving of families. It’s an experience in being human, just like everyone else, and realizing that we are all in this together, no matter how you mess up or rise up afterwards because of it.

Bring Me an Avocado is available to stream on Amazon Prime

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