19 Favorite Quotes from Our Interview with Aaron Goodwin from ‘Ghost Adventures’

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Nineteen seasons means 19 quotes from Ghost Adventures Aaron Goodwin during our San Diego Comic Con interview. From Zak Bagans museum to what he does when spirits enter his home, read on for all the Goodwin goodness you need while waiting for season 19!

1. On protecting himself from evil spirits

“I tried protection once and it just got worse for me. So you know what, I’m gonna keep doing this, just go with it. Be part of the experiment. So since that I’ve never done anything besides walk out.”

2. On Zak Bagans museum

“I gotta say that museum is probably one of the most scariest things because he has everything there; that’s cursed and history. So like trying to go in there. I try not to go in all the time. But when I have to, it’s like two whole weeks of just bad times when I leave.”

3. On spirits connecting with them instantly

“It’s got to the point now or we just walk in and the spirits know and start talking. I’m serious. We pull stuff now and it’s instant. Now, if you see now in the interviews and stuff, like we’re getting all this evidence. It’s just unreal. It’s like the longer we’ve been doing this it’s just that now spirits know we’re coming.”

4. On finding local hot spots

“If you’re willing to do it, go to some spots that have incredible history that you’re allowed to go to, because you can’t sneak into places you shouldn’t do that. You’ll get into trouble. There’s no point in doing that.”

5. On missing out on ghost opportunities

“If we’re not getting something we put it down try something else. And sometimes that does get frustrating. But also you put it down, a door slams, no one’s rolling, and then you get the gear out. It’s game time. It’s like, damn it! That happens a lot.”

6. On visiting dangerous places

“You just go in hoping to God, you know the how many times we’ve walked in and gone, “Dude we could fall to the floor. We might die there. We just go, “F-word” and we go straight up. Like there’s there’s like no prepping that.”

7. On ghost seeing tech for your home in the future

“I think in five to 20 years, that’s rough but like, we’ll have holograms that we can put in our kitchen of some sort of a thing than can walk through it to see your family member. I think everyone will believe in ghosts eventually.”

8. On his craziest moment

“The one that stands out was when I got grabbed by the ear in Ireland. Every time I think of something crazy I think of that moment.”

9. On what grounds him

“I paint and then most the time, to like really get a better mood after a crazy lockdown, I usually go to Disneyland and walk around for a couple days.”

10. On filming in Pasadena

“It’s something I should’ve never done. I’ve never done it, did it, and never will do it again. Sorry.”

11. On a tough drive up Death Valley, California

“I was like, “If this is how I go home, I’ll be fricking pissed.”

12. On watching ghost content made by others

“I don’t ever watch other shows. I actually have no clue who’s on what and I don’t know what they do. I just like to concentrate on what we do, so I don’t know. I mean, I watch horror movies and laugh.”

13. On skeptics

“If you don’t want to believe, that’s great. Maybe you’re better off because it’s scary when you really get into it. And most people that have had experiences, it changes everything for them.”

14. On ghosts being able to communicate with each other

“I think the spirit world itself, just like the human world with social media, they can all talk to each other and it’s very easy to spread something.”

15. On getting ghosts to react and give evidence

Some that we’ve got, just give evidence. And sometimes it’s like, “Come on!” And then like this energy happens and frustration and all of a sudden something will happen.

16. On the Annabelle doll

“When Zach touched that doll, I felt like it stayed in the museum. That’s my opinion. And I honestly felt like what it was in that room, it was like next to us half the time.”

17. On discussing ghosts at home

“Every time we talk about it in the house or when we brought a Raggedy Ann doll into the house, literally books would fly, running and screaming upstairs. Oh, my house is so haunted. It’s awesome. “

18. On welcoming spirits into them

“We put ourselves through hell to get evidence, which is probably the dumbest thing to do.”

19. On why they’re aggressive with ghosts

“It’s part of the gig, part of the job. Like, we actually do what we do. It’s crazy.”

Ghost Adventures will return for season 19 on The Travel Channel.

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