‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Season 6 Finale Review

Season 6 in a lot of ways was very hit or miss for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. For as much as we enjoyed FitzSimmons reuniting, we would get way too much time spent on Sarge’s crew. The team was separated way too long and after the events of this finale, they will be missing a key component or two for the time being which I’m not happy about. And as for the big surprise at the end of the episode…..well more on that later. I’m of very mixed feeling about that as well. So let’s dive into the season 6 finale of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D with how the menace of Izel and Sarge was dealt with one and for all.


By far the best part of the season 6 finale was Melinda May. May was the heart of the episode from beginning to end. From the heartbreak she felt when Sarge betrayed her by sticking the sword through her to the badassness of May throwing the three totems back through the portal after killing the hooded shrikes on the other side, Melinda the MVP of this episode like she has basically been the whole damn season.

Seeing Ming-Na Wen play such a vulnerable side of May through the season in the ways she has reacted to the creature that has the face of the man she loved was a crash course on acting at the top of your game. We felt May’s pain, hope and anguish through every step. We cheered like crazy when she stabbed Izel right through the gut just in the nick of time to save the day. And the scene where May looks like she is dying but she’s not afraid because she tells Daisy that she thinks she is going to get to see Phil again had tears flowing down my face. (also Daisy being there to say good-bye to the person she considered a mother……CRYING NONSTOP NOW) If that had been the end of Melinda May, I would have been upset. Oh no doubt. But also I think I would have felt a tiny little bit of peace at knowing she would be at peace. However, that is not the end of May as she is saved by Simmons and then that where the true weirdness begins.



So I have a lot of feeling about the big reveals at the end of the episode but first let’s get to how we got to that point shall we? So with Izel and Sarge taken care of (Sarge getting sliced in half after his true form was revealed – think the worst creature you’ve had a nightmare about at 3 am and that’s what it looked like),. what was left to resolve for the season?…OH YEAH the Chroni-coms. I wouldn’t blame you if you had forgotten about them too as after FitzSimmons escaped them thanks to Enoch, they were barely mentioned. Now though, the hunters return and lay waste to the Lighthouse and a majority of agents. FitzSimmons looks like they are goners too except for a very timely save by Enoch who took over the skin of another chroni-com.

The Hunters are going to never stop hunting for them so Enoch comes up with a plan that will change the course of Fitz and Simmons’s lives forever. Because of course it will. So just it looks like May will pass away, Simmons arrives with a set of agents and some serum/cryo-tube that will save May from her wound. Simmons takes May, Yo-Yo, Deke and Daisy aboard the Zephyr and after a quick transmission from Fitz has them make a bumpy jump……into the past. 1930’s so to speak.

And if that isn’t all, to counter the Chroni-coms taking over all of SHIELD’s tech, Enoch and Simmons come up with a idea of how to counter it. Create a LMD of Phil Coulson that has all of his memories and abilities. So let’s all take a deep breath and go one by one on what just happened and how we feel about them.

  • FitzSimmons separated again. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Pretty sick of this crap. What is it with Whedons and not letting their characters be in happy relationships? They always have to separate them. It sucks. And with Fitz’s whereabouts unknown (Simmons can’t know because the hunters would find out), who knows when we will see Fitz in season 7.
  • The team is now in the 1930’s. Time-Travel yet again. Now while I get the fun to be had in “stuck out of time’ stories, it also can be a very tricky line to walk. Not what I would have went with for a final season but also not my call either.
  • LMD Coulson. I’m split on this as I understand keeping Clark Gregg on the show since the show was made for Phil Coulson’s character. And the emotional beats that will happen when May meets Robot Coulson will melt me, this feels like just forcing a idea to make sure Coulson stays on the show. But after the first two decisions, this one I don’t feel like arguing against. Let us have our Robot Phil Coulson and see what happens.

So what do we expect for season 7? Well it looks like it will deal with the team trying to figure out a way to defeat the Chroni-com hunters while also surviving the wild 1930’s. Will we see some familiar faces from the Agent Carter cast in the next season? Perhaps but I can’t know for sure. All I know is that I feel a lot less excited about season 7 coming out of this finale than I was going in to it.

Now am I still glad that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D got a season 7? oh yeah of course!!! My hope is that whatever is planned for the final season gives us and our team a happy ending……JUST HAVE FITZSIMMONS BE HAPPY AT THE END. PLEASE.



  • Yo-Yo got a Shriek inside of her and it look like she was a goner too. But when May killed Izel, that killed all the remaining shrieks saving Yo-Yo. YAY!!!
  • Seeing Deke be a hero and save the day was very cool. Deke talking about how no one likes him was a touching moment too. I like you, Deke. At least this version of you.
  • Daisy had no hesitation whatsoever to push the button to create that LMD Coulson. And I don’t blame her one bit.


  • SO what happened to Flint? Or Piper? or Snowflake? They go into the past as well?
  • “you’re singing a different tune now, aren’t you?” Melinda F’N May with the line of the night after finishing off Izel.



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