‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’. 6×11 Review: “From The Ashes”

We are getting closer to the endgame now. “From The Ashes” leads us closer to the final battle between our agents, Izel and Sarge, but also has them confront some truths about themselves. So let’s delve into “From the Ashes,” with the lady that’s about to cause some big trouble to our world.


Well this episode definitely clinches that Izel is one cold-hearted bitch after all the manipulation she pulls not just on Mack, Yo-Yo and Benson. Yes, she did kill Davis last episode so to think that she was able to top that is incredible.

In just “From the Ashes” Izel:

  • Used Yo-Yo’s love and concern for Mack to trick her into revealing that Benson knew the location of the monolith site.
  • Possessed Mack into killing a random agent (if you see a agent with no first name, unless they’ve been in multiple episodes before…they’re in trouble) to try to get Benson to reveal the location. No dice there, but….
  • She was able to get Benson to reveal the location after creating a image of his former love, and after taunting him with fake knowledge that he could hear everything, killing him again right in front of his eyes.

That is something that no person could be able to take without completely breaking down, and Benson is no exception. He reveals the location and Izel is there with the Zephyr before you could say “WHY ARE YOU SO EVIL??” Yo-Yo and Mack though are able to get Benson to safety so he can tell the team where to confront Izel, as she is getting closer to the ceremony to bring her race to Earth. She just needs Mack and Yo-Yo to build the monoliths for her. They refuse but then she plays her one last trump card to get them to agree: Flint pops up out of nowhere as he wonders where he is.

Do I think this is really Flint? Maybe as remember Izel isn’t able to get someone’s memories when she possesses them. So how does she know about Flint? And how did he get there? And what will she do to him now that she knows how much Yo-Yo cares about him??


The other main story of the episode deals with Daisy and May’s reactions and how they deal with the possibility that some part of Coulson is inside of Sarge. Let’s start with how May deals with it first, by visiting a little place called Hope.

Now I do think the show is having May believe too much that Sarge can be a good person, I do understand it. No one loved Phil more on that team except May (well maybe one other person, but more on that in a moment). So of course May is going to try to see the good inside of Sarge and bring that out into the open. Sarge is less than receptive of it, and after a small display of his power, May leaves and is confronted by Daisy.

Now Daisy is right when she tells May to stop trying to appeal to Sarge’s nice side, so to speak. When the fate of the world is at stake, a little tough love is needed. Whether May means to or not, her heart is looking at the situation. Daisy, on the other hand, decides to use her head in dealing with the Sarge situation.

Daisy is able to put aside her feelings for the most part, as she tries to get Sarge to deal with his power. She succeeds, but also too well as Sarge escapes and runs a rampage. Daisy is about to end it once and for all but as Sarge is trying to keep control, this leads to the best scene of the episode.

As Daisy is about to stab Sarge, Sarge calls out to her by the name of “Skye” making Daisy stop and realize that Coulson is still inside of Sarge somehow. Chloe Bennet sells the moment so well just through her eyes, as lets us see the rush of emotions and feelings that go through Daisy’s head and heart at that second. Right then, Daisy sees for a moment the man who she loved like a father in Sarge. It’s a beautiful, thrilling moment that highlights all the emotions in Daisy’s heart in just one word.

So now that the team knows where Izel is, the big question is “Can they stop her in time?” Sarge is obviously the key factor in this equation but is he of sound mind enough to do it? Can the part of him that remember and feels Coulson’s emotions/memories be enough to stop Izel? So many things left in the air with only a two-part season finale left to answer them. We can’t wait!!


  • It was nice to see FitzSimmons and Deke work together as Deke figures out that it is soundwaves that is the key to Izel’s power of possession and the way to stop her. We even got our Grandfather/Grandson moment when Fitz gives a little nod of approval to Deke’s idea of creating a beltbuckle to counteract Izel.
  • That being said, I am now worried very much for Deke’s safety in next week’s finale.
  • Nice nod to Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark with the way Yo-Yo and Mack were tied up by Izel.
  • I really want to know what was in the letter that Coulson wrote for Daisy.
  • Someone please give Piper a hug. You could tell how much pain she was in from what happened last week with Izel and Davis.

What did you think of “From the Ashes”? Let us know in the comments section below!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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