‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’ 6×10 Review: ‘Leap’

Remember how happy and upbeat everyone was near the end of last week’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D? Well, “Leap” takes a hard 180-degree turn, as not only do we learn more about the seemingly un-killable Sarge, but Izel puts her master plan into motion. All that plus a shocking death left us feeling scared that might not be the only death we’ll have by the end of this season.

So let’s dive into “Leap” by discussing what happened next after May seemingly killed Sarge in cold blood.


Remember when May shot Sarge and we all thought he was dead? WELL, not so fast my friends. Sarge is able not only to survive the bullets but is perfectly fine by the time he wakes up down in the morgue as Simmons is studying him. “Leap” gives us answers, finally, to the mystery of Sarge. Deep breaths everyone as we explain. It seems that when the three monoliths were destroyed, a version of Coulson got sent through time and space to Izel’s realm, where a creature like Izel (whose name I’m not even going to try to spell) possessed it. Except Coulson’s personality/spirit was so strong in there, it created a whole new persona named Sarge.

Okay, everyone exhale.

As any one of us would, Sarge doesn’t take this news well when Izel tells him. And on top of all this, it looks as if Sarge is starting to manifest some powers of his own as the hand that turns to dust but then reforms is any indication. Now the big question for the rest of the season will be: Can the part of Coulson still inside of Sarge be enough to help the team defeat Izel? Or will Sarge feel a need to be with Izel as she very clearly was trying to convince him to do when she ends up taking the gravitonium device (which contains the energy of all three monoliths! NOT GOOD!). Phil Coulson was one of the toughest/noblest people to ever be a part of the Marvel Universe and we have to hope that Sarge still has a bit of that Coulson left in him to save the day.


As for May and why she shot Sarge, turns out she was possessed by Izel during that moment. It seems Izel has the power to possess anyone, and she got to Davis during the last episode and played hopscotch with the team’s bodies. She goes from May to Piper to Deke to about the whole damn team while trying to get to the Gravitonium device. Finally, she figures out that Mack is the only one that can open that room, so she tries to manipulate him into doing so. She takes control of Piper, but Davis can’t take the shot. Could you shoot your best friend? So Izel makes her way up to Davis and, in such quick fashion, throws Davis off a platform, killing him.

I know Davis isn’t a main character on the show, but damn it if his death doesn’t leave me stunned and saddened. Davis was one of those characters that you could trust to be in the background of a scene and have a clever one-liner to throw in when needed. Those types of characters are very rare anymore and used, well, even less (*cough Gary on Legends of Tomorrow*). I feel terrible for Piper too as she was almost killed by Izel, thanks to her possession games. I need Piper to stay safe for the rest of the season. I NEED THIS SHOW.

Farewell, Agent Davis. You’ll be missed for a lot of things, but mostly for saying the things we are all thinking at the time, like when the team was trying to figure who Izel was possessing. “No one saying anything makes it scarier.”


After Izel and Sarge’s confrontation, Izel gets the device and is able to possess Yo-Yo with ease. Mack makes a deal with Izel that she can go free if Mack can go with her to keep Yo-Yo safe. It’s possible Mack is thinking with his heart here, but I think we all would have done the same thing in that situation.

Now with Izel in possession of the Gravitonium device and the power of the three monoliths, the team is almost out of options to stop her. Bullets can’t do anything to harm her. She can just possess anyone that gets near her. How do you stop someone like that? I’m guessing that the only way you can is to put your trust into someone that you can’t trust.


  • Fitz and Deke try a little more bonding in “Leap”…well actually it’s mostly all Deke as he worries that his grandpa might not be the biggest fan of his. Poor sad puppy Deke.
  • I really enjoyed Ming-Na Wen’s selling of May’s confusion about what happened to her while possessed by Izel. I don’t talk enough about how good Ming-Na is on here, but without her being as good as she is, the show isn’t as good as it is.
  • Ghost Rider mention! Fitz mentions him at the tail-end of the episode and all it really does is give me hope that he’ll appear before the end of the season. False hope? Probably but you never know.

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