5 Things We Loved About ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’ 6×09: ‘Collusion Course, Part 2’

Only Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D could deliver an episode that had one character blow themselves up, another shoot someone in the head in cold-blood and still be able to say that this was one of the more feel-good” episodes of the series.

The second half of “Collusion Course” had us saying good-bye to one character that unexpectedly gave us feels, while we could have seen the last of Sarge in the most shocking of manner. All that plus the whole FitzSimmons family reuniting, couples showing their love for one another — new and old — and the threat of Izel still out there ready to haunt our agents.

So let’s dive into “Collusion Course Part 2” by highlighting the top 5 things we loved about it.

1. A Heroic Sacrifice

When we last left the Zephyr, Sarge had taken control of the ship with the intent of blowing up the Shrikes’s tower of doom. That plan goes out the window thanks to Daisy’s powers, which stop the bomb, but Sarge gets a new plan: Chase down the ship that Izel is on and blow that up!

Well thanks to Yo-Yo and her compelling to Jaco’s remaining love for his long departed family (shoutout to Natalia Cordova who is showcasing some of her finest work this season and her talk with Jaco was just another highlight), Jaco joins the real good guys and helps Mack and Yo-Yo take back the ship and capture Sarge.

On the ship, Mack/Yo-Yo/Davis and Jaco are able to rescue Fitz and Simmons (If you didn’t smile at Fitz and Mack’s hug and Mack calling him “Turbo”, you’re not an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D fan), but Izel is able to get away when Jaco tries to get to her.

After the team goes to Sarge’s truck to get Daisy/May/Snow and Deke, Jaco takes the bomb with him back to the Shrikes’s ship. And as all heroes with nothing left to lose but their soul, Jaco blows himself up with Sarge’s bomb and blows up Izel’s shrikes on the ship.

I admit, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Jaco for most of the season, but I was glad he was the one who got to make the play to save the day out of Sarge’s team. He seemed like the one who understood that saving lives is what heroes should do. It’s what his family would have expected him to do. To be the kind baker instead of the deadly killer. Thank you Jaco for being the good person that Yo-Yo saw that you could be.

2. This line from May when Snow asked if all females are on Earth are this tough after Daisy takes down the Shrikes trying to enter the truck: “Yes. Yes they are.”

3. The whole team FINALLY being reunited.

Nine episodes was by far more than enough not to have the whole team together. While I did enjoy Daisy/FitzSimmons’ space adventures, I also agree that they probably went an episode or two longer than necessary. Having the team all together again helps close the book on a few storylines while reopening so many more.

– What is going to happen if anything between Daisy and Deke? (My guess is that will be backtracked to season 7 if it EVER happens.)

– How will Fitz adjust to life back on Earth after being gone so long? And with the way Deke was acting after reuniting with his grandpapa, how’s Fitz going to handle be the grandpa of the clingiest grandson in the world?

– Mack and Yo-Yo reunite at the end of the episode with a few words and a lot more kissing. So after the lovemaking, what is next? Will Mack be willing to have a relationship while also the lead of S.H.I.E.L.D? Or will it all coming crashing down on him?

– May was seen leaving the impromptu party to go glimpse at Coulson’s old S.H.I.E.L.D. badge. How is she going to deal with the man wearing his face that is in S.H.I.E.L.D. lockup? Well, that one we actually get the answer for before the episode ends.


Seeing May calmly and cooler shoot Sarge in his holding cell was shocking to say the least. Is May being controlled by someone (Izel?) or did for some reason May do this on her own accord? My guess is going to be the former, as Izel seems like someone who isn’t going to go away and return without some sort of game plan in my mind.

So with Sarge’s plan and his men all captured or dead, that threat is gone. But the shrikes and Izel are still out there, and as this episode has taught us, never trust a happy ending to an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D episode when there is still a credits sequence scene left to go.


All the other little things I loved about “Collusion Course, Part Dos.”

  • Snowflake and Deke’s relationship seems like one where they love each other hard as possible. Usually those types of relationships fizzle out quickly but maybe this one will be the exception to the rule. Yes, Snowflake is a murderer, as Daisy said, but also Deke brought a giant-sized TV to her room, which to most men is the equivalent of saying, “I really like you a lot”
  • Oh God, could you imagine Deke and FitzSimmons in Scotland? That is a season 7 episode right there.
  • Davis sleeping right through the party is very, very relatable to me. (At least I hope he was asleep. Piper could have at least checked him for a pulse!!!)
  • …Unless Davis is infected……Uh Oh.
  • Izel and Sarge’s confrontation on the radio suggests that Sarge has no memories of his past except that he’s lost his family because of Izel. Would it shock anyone if Sarge is perhaps a clone of Coulson’s that somehow was created? I could be completely wrong, but that’s my best guess at the moment.
  • “Maybe I’ll be a butterfly.”

What did you think of the second part of Collusion Course? Let is know in the comments section below!!!


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