‘Euphoria’ Interview With Stars Tristan and Tyler Timmons

Twin brothers Tristan and Tyler Timmons currently star as Troy and Roy on HBO’s hit show Euphoria. You might also remember them as the lead kids on the basketball court in Marvel’s Black Panther. And in case you don’t know them from that, hey also have a Youtube channel, Trvp Twinz, with over 200,000 subscribers.

Recently, we interviewed Tristan and Tyler about Euphoria, working with Zendaya and getting to meet Executive Producer Drake.

1. Was there a challenge you had to overcome while portraying your character or filming Euphoria in general?

(Tyler): The only challenge I had was when my character had to disrespect Zendaya in Episode four. I never really speak like that to anybody, so I was a little nervous about it. But once we started recording, I made it work.

(Tristan): I never faced challenges filming Euphoria. The cast and crew made us feel at home, so I was very at ease.

2. There are a lot of relatable storylines in Euphoria. Is there one you relate to?

We don’t personally relate to any of the characters’ storylines. We know a lot of people who encounter similar challenges and relate to these characters. Since we are still in high school, we can see how drugs, social media, difficult relationships, and other conflicts in Euphoria impact others.

3. If you had to add any other real life circumstances that teenagers face as a storyline, what would it be?

We feel that Euphoria did a great job capturing life challenges that many teens encounter today.

4. Do you have a favorite character, besides your own, and why?

We both love Fezco, but who doesn’t? He’s the guy who sells drugs to minors so you expect him to be a bad guy. However, Fezco is very cool, considerate and smart.

5. If you had a chance to play another character who would it be and why?

Every actor is a perfect fit for the role they play, so changing it up would definitely mess up the vibe of the show.

6. What drew you to Euphoria?

We were excited to work in Los Angeles for the first time.  Before working on Euphoria, we had never been to Los Angeles but we’d always wanted to go!

7. What was it like for you to work with Drake (Executive Producer) and Zendaya?

We didn’t get the chance to work directly with Drake on set. However, we did meet Drake at the Euphoria premiere party and he complimented our work on the show! We did get the chance to work with Zendaya and it was a great experience. It was breath-taking to watch Zendaya do such a great job playing such a dark character. Her acting skills are amazing!

8. What is your favorite part of working together on set?

For the roles of Roy & Troy, we were able to contribute our own creativity by incorporating improvisation. Being able to blend our creativity with a fantastic script made the whole experience rewarding. We had plenty of fun filming Euphoria!

9. You have a YouTube channel. Do you feel like that helped prepare you at all for acting or was it more baptism by fire?

Our YouTube channel prepared us to be comfortable on camera and gave us a platform to build our fanbase. However, it didn’t help us with our acting. We receive professional training for acting.

10. If you could describe your journey so far in your career using three words, what would they be?

Just Getting Started!

Euphoria airs Sunday’s on HBO at 10/9c and was recently renewed for a second season!

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