‘The Rook’ 1×03 Review: Myfanwy, the Gestalt, and the Heteronormative Gaze

Myfanwy and the Gestalt shared a kiss that made us swoon and Monica started digging her own grave when it comes to the mystery of EVA trafficking in this week’s The Rook. The former is lovely and something we didn’t see coming. (Honestly, thought the heteronormative gaze would be like, “Let’s make two hot girls kiss. But that’s not The Rook.) The kiss between Myfanwy and Eliza was passionate, gentle, and the kind of kiss epic OTP’s are made of. As for the latter, Monica is starting to annoy us with her disregard for Ingrid and the rest of The Rook family.

Slowly But Surely Needing a Myfanwy/Gestalt Ship Name

‘The Rook’ 1x03 Review: Myfanwy, the Gestalt, and the Heteronormative Gaze

I want to ship it. Wait, what’s stopping me? Correction, I will ship it! Not the Gestalt together and with themselves. I’m talking about the Gestalt and Myfanwy. I can’t help it. The chemistry is there with EVERY. SINGLE. one of these actors and the potential is looking at us straight in the face! And honestly, it feels like I’m bearing witness to something unheard of and beautiful. 

Shows have enough of a problem with a monogamous couple on TV. So this 4+1 situation is something we’ve never seen before. (At least I’ve never seen it before.) This isn’t just about sex aka what I assume that “mistake” between them is. They care for Myfanwy. They gladly protect her, wouldn’t have caressed her jacket the way they did if they didn’t care, and left me screaming and flailing when Myfanwy and Eliza finally kissed. Even though the rest of the Gestalt wasn’t there, it felt like they were and like Myfanwy was picking off where she just left off with Robert on the stairs.

Also, the entirety of that kiss with Eliza my little queer heart was going, “QUEER ALERT!” Because there’s no question from Myfanwy, even though she’s lost her memories, that she’s attracted to and connected to Eliza. It just is. It’s a part of her that comes as naturally as breathing and that treating queerness like just another romance, IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANT! No big drama (even though it still exists in queer people’s lives) and no with they/won’t they because this is the first time she’s gotten tingly feelings for a woman.

It just is. 

Myfanwy just is.

Her kiss with Eliza just is. 


Monica on the Hunt for a Lead

‘The Rook’ 1x03 Review: Myfanwy, the Gestalt, and the Heteronormative Gaze

Monica, girl, you need to stop. 

I love Monica. There’s no doubt about it. Olivia Munn is talented, But Monica going at things alone, well, it’s starting to annoy the ever living hell out of me. First of all, no one invited her to the UK. She made her own merry way there with no heads up on her part. Second of all, in her mission to go at shit all by her lonesome she’s using Ingrid for her skills and playing on her sympathies. (If you can’t tell, we love Ingrid too.) And third of all, going after information on your own is a clear sign that you don’t respect the lives of those at the Checquy.

That last one has been the most annoying so far.

Monica hiding information she’s found and using it to go to an auction by herself shows that she only respects the Checquy if it means SHE can follow her leads. And honestly, the more that I think about it, and the more I rant about it, the more I think that I’m wrong about Monica. Maybe I don’t love her. Because how could I love someone who is ignorant to the fact that keeping those around her in the dark only makes things dangerous for everybody?

I couldn’t. So maybe I resind my love for Monica. But it is early on in the game. Maybe I’ll give her a chance to prove that she cares about the team before giving her a red card. That’s the least I can do considering we’re only 3 episodes in. But if she’s still like this at the end of season 1, all bets are off and we’ll be shading the hell out of Monica.

The Pace of It All

‘The Rook’ 1x03 Review: Myfanwy, the Gestalt, and the Heteronormative Gaze

Things need to start moving a little faster on The Rook. Yes, I am getting a mystery that is building up on the episode that came before it. But come on, this is practically going at a snail’s pace! I need more of the pieces that make up Myfanwy and what happened to her. Because right now, for half of any episode, she’s just looking around and acting all spooked. And honestly, that’s not something that ANYONE would want from the content they consume.

So, speed things up The Rook! I’m still going to watch and I’m still going to give it a try because this show is in its infancy. But I’m going to keep an eye on The Rook and the pace of their storytelling. And if it doesn’t hustle at least I have Myfanwy and the Gestalt. Unless the Gestalt are partially responsible for what happened to Myfanwy and everything is a lie!

PLEASE DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN. Signed, A watcher of The Rook who is in love with the pairing I’m being given and I’m not ashamed of it! 

The Rook airs Sundays at 8/7c on Starz.

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