‘The Rook’ 1×04: 7 Things That We Can’t Stop Thinking About

The fourth episode of Starz The Rook left us wanting more badass Monica Reed and more clues as to what Myfanwy’s past is truly made up of. There’s unthinkable power flowing through both of these women’s veins with the latter causing destruction in her past that she can’t even fathom. 

Join us for 7 things we can’t stop thinking about from the 4th episode of The Rook!

1. Monica Reed talking Russian and taking care of shit.

First of all, it was hot. Not the Russian language but the fact that Olivia Munn was speaking it aka showing how much time & practice she put into making sure everything was perfect for this scene. Second of all, Monica’s presence and the way that she took care of shit, stopping the two idiots from shooting each other or anyone else, showed her priorities as an agent and person. She wants to learn the truth of what happened to her friend and possible Vulture. But if that means that others might get hurt, then she’s not down for it. And that kindness shows how much standards she has even as she’s writing her own rules in looking for the truth.


2. That tense scene with the Gestalt.

It’s become clear to me that no matter how much I want Myfanwy and the Gestalt to bang, they’re a force to be reckoned with and an ally you’d definitely want to have my your side. They are united, fiercely loyal, and will do what they must to protect Myfanwy while letting her make her own decisions and mistakes. And like Monica Reed in the section above, that’s H-O-T! The Gestalt can’t force Myfanwy to do anything and I’m here for that independence and trust that she will do what she wants to based on her own judgement.


3. Hoarding information from the Checquy about her Vulture boyfriend.

Look, Monica…even though I find you supremely hot, we need to talk about you going in half cocked and without backup. So far, you’ve been lucky. No one has died and you’ve only wasted money, time, and found two guys that don’t remember who they are. But your luck is going to run out and things are going to get messy when they do. I know you want to protect your possible Vulture ex but come on, it’s not all about you and how you can contain this information for your own needs. It’s a group effort at the Checquy. So either ship off back home or get with the program.


4. Jarvis ending up on The Rook.

I’m trying to seperate Jarvis from Agent Carter with this weirdo that took advantage of young Myfanwy. So far I’m doing pretty well but there were some moments during the episode of The Rook that I forgot what I was watching and who was on my screen. It’s not Jarvis. It’s a creeper who took advantage of a young and impressionable woman, which, I don’t even know how Myfanwy jumped from A) I don’t know you to B) let’s bump uglies. But it’s her body. You do you, girl.


5. Learning about Myfanwy’s past. 

I knew that there would be something tragic in Myfanwy’s past. And what better cliche than the one where her powers went crazy and was the cause of loads of death and destruction. Not saying that I hate this cliche filled with tropey goodness. I like it and am really looking forward to what Myfanwy does now that she’s gotten a clearer picture at how powerful she truly is. Maybe they’re after her now because of said past? Or maybe someone inside the Checquy discovered how powerful she was and struck out at her without knowing the full extent of how powerful Myfanwy truly is. Either way, we’re here for it and can’t wait to find out!


6. Conrad going too far.

Half of me is like, “Conrad, you’re doing what you have to because the people around you aren’t telling you the whole truth and nothing but the truth.” But the other half of me, the one that backs the ladies and wants to let Myfanwy tell and guide her own story, thinks that Conrad is going too far. Myfanwy is his work mate. Does that give him the authority to do whatever the hell he wants at the Checquy? I don’t think so. You aren’t the head kahuna and you need to learn some boundaries before Myfanwy bites at the invasive hand you using to get all up in her business.


7. Nazim’s connection to Myfanwy.

THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. Now we are one step closer to finding out who commanded Nazim to steal Myfanwy’s memory or if it was a mistake born out fear on Nazim’s part. Whatever it is, Nazim knew that he could come to Myfanwy for help and that he would be safe with her. The pieces are finally starting to fall into place and I can’t wait to watch more and discover it all!


The Rook airs Sundays at 8/7c on Starz.

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