‘The Flash’ SDCC Interview: Hartley Sawyer Promises Leadership & Love in Season 6

From the moment The Flash introduce Ralph Dibny fans have eagerly awaited the introduction of his canonical love interest, Sue. According to actor Hartley Sawyer, they don’t have much longer to wait.

“Sue [Dearborn] is going to come in at some point this season, and that’s going to change [Ralph] forever … All roads lead to Sue. That’s a big, big thing for this character, and you want it to be amazing.”

While things may be looking up according to the Book of Ralph, that isn’t the only thing Ralph fans have to look forward to. After a year spent learning how to be a hero from the Scarlet Speedster himself – and another year spent dusting off his private detective skills – Ralph is going to find a way to juggle both this season. And who knows? He also might become a different sort of fighter, using his stretchy abilities in unique ways in the field.

What will all this mean for his role in Crisis on Infinite Earths? Only time will tell.

Watch our interview with Sawyer below, where he discusses season 6 and what is to come.

The Flash season 6 premieres Tuesday, Oct. 8 at 8/7c on The CW.

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