Fangirlish has refused to work with me over the past few days, so we’re sorry that this interview is running late. It’s not a lack of love for Khadijha – she’s actually one of the kindest, most loving people we’ve ever met. We were excited to sit down and talkRead More →


While Meghan Markle gets professional Duchess lessons from one of the Queen’s senior aides, what’s the average person, aspiring to be royal, to do? How do you pick up etiquette lessons on a budget? Read on: DO BE RICH So let’s tackle the elephant in the room first: What toRead More →

Occasionally, we here at Fangirlish get the opportunity to do things that we wouldn’t have imagined. One of the most recent examples of this is when we were invited to go behind the scenes of two Toronto based television sets to get the insight scoop on what happens behind theRead More →

Have you ever wondered just what goes in to creating your favorite shows? The scripts, the sets, and the countless individuals that come together to bring you the stories that captivate you each week? Well Fangirlish had the incredible opportunity to check out behind the scenes of one of NBCsRead More →

One of our favorite things here at Fangirlish is getting the opportunity to chat with some of Wattpad’s most amazing and talented writers. Wattpad Stars, published, featured, and all around awesome is easy to find on Wattpad with so much talent available for us to enjoy, but we love bringingRead More →

Some writers have a knack for drawing you in to the stories they create. Like taking a trip through their mind, seeing the scenes as clear as day and enjoying every minute of it. When those stories are adorable adventures of romance and fun that make you laugh and relateRead More →

No matter your reading preference, you will find endless options to fall in love with on Wattpad. Romance? They got you covered. Horror? Yup, that’s there too. Romantic horror? Sure! So obviously with all these options comes the daunting feeling of finding the best of the best to curl upRead More →

The third edition of the summer Wattpad Block Party is less than a week away. That’s right, less than one week! On August 1, everything kicks off with a bang, and continues every day through the whole month, bringing you variety, humor, chills and free swag. You will get postsRead More →