4 Things We Learned from ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’ 6×08 ‘Collusion Course, Part 1’

“The calm before the storm” is a phrase used to describe the moments right before something big is about to happen.

Funny thing about that is you can tell that a storm is coming through little things, like wind picking up or birds flying in the opposite directions.

“Collusion Course Part 1” is the episode before the storm, that is bearing down on our agents, before it arrives on Earth. Only problem is that this storm has FitzSimmons in her possession and doesn’t want to just spread a little rain and wind our heroes’ way. No, this storm has a whole bunch of evil sharp pointy creatures on her side and our agents have someone they still aren’t sure they trust on theirs.

So let’s discuss four things that happened during “Collusion Course, Part 1,” and what these things mean for our team.


So you know that red-haired mystery woman named Izel that saved Fitz and Simmons and wanted to help bring them back home to Earth? Well, turns out that she’s the Queen Mother of all evil sharp pointy creatures known as Shrikes. We even get to see her with one of her “children” as she uses it to infect one of the dumb idiots who gave Fitz and Enoch so much trouble.

(He will be missed…not really, but I didn’t want to be mean.)

We did learn of Izel’s goal for going to Earth: Find the Kree Monoliths that are there. Only problem with that is Simmons and the team destroyed those Monoliths last season. So that’s not going to lead to good things when Izel finds out about that. And the last thing you want to do to a powerful redhead with a whole crew of spiky-pointed creatures by her side is to get her angry. (And, of course, FitzSimmons are on this same ship without a clue that all this is happening because it’s the way their luck always goes.)


As for Sarge, we got to hear a little more about his past with Izel and the Shrikes, as well as her side of the story, too. To Izel, she is hunted down by Sarge and his crew because he knows who he really is. This adds even more doubt to Sarge as he proclaims that he wants to kill her for the death of his family. Who to believe? In this case, both. Izel is being hunted down by Sarge, but Sarge does seem like a man who won’t lie about something like that. These two are heading for a confrontation with one another and when the dust settles, will there be anything left?


Now as for what Sarge WOULD lie about, that is made perfectly clear during “Collusion Course.” He doesn’t tell what his plan is to stop the Shrike, only that he is perfectly fine with risking everyone’s life to kill Izel.

We get more interaction between Sarge and Daisy/May, and much like them, I still feel a bunch of unease with Sarge. No matter if he has Phil Coulson’s face or his DNA, he’s not Coulson. He doesn’t care about the team or helping others. He’s more than willing to lose a crew member like Snowflake, if he has to. Only hatred lives inside his heart. That hatred has no room for innocent bystanders, and this is in full display with his plan: blow up the shrikes with a giant atomic-like bomb so he can stab Izel with a sword. (As for this plan of his: Blowing it up seems like something you think of at first, and then when no other ideas come to mind is the one you go with.)

So it’s up to Deke, May and Daisy to disable the bomb before it can detonate. But if they do that, then the key weapon against the Shrikes is gone. Remember how I said “Calm before the storm?” Well the storm is about to start raging and the only thing left to do now is run for cover and see what happens.


Just when you think he’s gone, Enoch makes an appearance in the after-credits scene. He seems to be talking to a former comrade about forming an alliance. And the sooner the better, as the Chronicons are hot on his trail thanks to what looks to be with help from Fitz and Simmons’s brain patterns leading the way. Stealing someone’s brain patterns? NOT COOL.


  • We got a little bit of married FitzSimmons as they bickered over Fitz’s being jealous of his previous self’s wedding and wedding night with Jemma. Jemma trying to calm him down by saying the second time will be even better to Fitz’s snarky, “What the first time wasn’t good?” to Jemma’s exasperated sigh just shows how married this couple truly is.
  • Deke hooking up with Snowflake has to be on the list of “WTF” pairings this show has done. Snowflake might not be all there upstairs, but if these two crazy kids are in love, who are we to judge? (I’m judging pretty hard.)
  • Sarge’s crew tries to escape the Zephyr but Yo-Yo is able to capture them again pretty quickly. However, one agent did get killed by the group. Sidenote: Iif you ever see a random agent with no name all of a sudden on the show, they aren’t long for the show.

What did you think of “Collusion Course, Part 1?” Let us know what you think might happen in Part 2 in the comments below!

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