The Rook 1×02: Myfanwy Isn’t Running from Her Past, She’s Running Towards It

The Rook‘s second episode delivered on the mystery while giving us all the character development for Myfanwy and the rest of the cast aka possible suspects in the attack that stole Myfanwy’s memories. Also, it made me realize something really surprising about the Gestalt and Lady Farrier. The latter gave me family feels while the former made me feel something different….

I regret nothing. For now.

The Kind of Woman That Myfanwy Is

It’s becoming apparent that Myfanwy is the kind of woman that doesn’t give up. Yes, she is vulnerable. Yes, she feels like she is alone in all of this. And yes, shit is about to hit the fan big time if all the pieces working behind the scenes or any indication. But from what I’ve learned about Myfanwy (and her past) in the first two episodes of The Rook, she’s going to be more than okay.

In fact, she’s doing things and making moves that I don’t know if I would even be capable of doing. Instead of taking her bosses offer to reinvent herself in some cottage getaway, Myfanwy chooses to stay and look for the pieces that led her to having her memory wiped away. That’s a BDE power move that makes it clear to Lady Farrier that she’s not just going to fade away because things are starting to get hard.

Also, major kudos for Myfanwy not hiding away from what her abilities have done. They are a part of her and anyone would question if they were a monster or not. Myfanwy seeing the bodies is a step in the right direction and is her facing the forces coursing through her at this very moment. That’s bravery, that’s confidence, and that’s the kind of perseverance that will keep us watching as the rest of The Rook unfolds in season one.

I’ve Got a Confession to Make About the Gestalt

I can’t contain this secret anymore. It’s been building up inside of me since day one and the time has come. I, have a crush on the Gestalt! Yes, even Eliza because I’m an equal opportunity lover. Now look, I know I might be jumping the gun before actually getting to know them, but I’m really liking what I’m seeing.

First up, Eliza. When she seduced that man she knew exactly what had to happen and how far she had to go to get the information she needed. There was no one there to rescue her from the grabby hands of that Neanderthal because she had it. And Robert knew that she had it as well, making some hyper-masculine rescue completely unnecessary. They trust each other’s abilities in a way that I’ve never seen a group or hive mind do before and I’d love to see more of it.

Then there’s Robert. Yes, he was a bit miffed that Myfanwy was drinking in the midst of everything that was going down. And yes, he could be mad at that because they are going through some very serious things. But Myfanwy has the right to spend her time as she well pleases, especially if it gives her a reprieve from shitshow around me. I’m losing track of my train of thought. Let me start again.

Robert cares for Myfanwy. He came to help and drive Myfanwy home because he was ordered to do so but I think he would have done it anyway. He cares for her and will give her the perspective that she needs because he doesn’t want her to get hurt or fail in their mission to find out what happened to all these mysteriously killed people that Myfanwy played a hand into.

I Think Lady Farrier is Sincere

I don’t think Lady Farrier is trying to cover her own ass when it comes to Myfanwy. Case in point: trying to send Myfanwy off to a little cottage with great service. No matter what it looks like, I think it came from a place of love and concern and not trying to get Myfanwy out of the way and out if the equation.

The only way that I can explain this is that it’s a gut feeling. There’s something instinctual in the way that she looks at Myfanwy that leads me to believe there is a mother-daughter kind of connection between them. And just because Myfanwy has forgotten how strong their bond is doesn’t mean it’s not there, waiting and ready.

I think Lady Farrier isn’t as in the know as she would like people to think. Conrad is hiding things from her and she can tell just by one phone call. And I’ve got a feeling that if it means choosing between Myfanwy and Conrad, she would choose Myfanwy, hands down. Because of that I’m really looking forward to the development of the relationship or the revelation of what they were and what they can be now.

I’ve got a feeling that it’s going to be one hell of a ride and the sort of revelation that wows even after the screen goes black.

The Rook airs Sundays at 8/7c on Starz.

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