‘The Flash’ SDCC Interview: Candice Patton Discusses Westallen’s Grief, Iris’s Journalism in Season 6

Iris West-Allen has had a rough few years of it, facing more than her fair share of grief and drama. Fans eager to see her return to a more lighthearted romance with Barry are unlikely to get their wish as season six picks up. Patton explains that both Iris and Barry are dealing with their grief in their own (and perhaps not the best) ways.

However, there’s no reason for Westallen fans to fear. Barry, Iris, and Joe are the “heart” of the show, dealing with their loss in their own ways. One can only hope they find joy and happiness in the end. Ultimately, whatever challenges Barry and Iris face, she promises that they will always love each other and want to see it through. They must properly grieve Nora’s loss in order to move forward together. “Barry and Iris have a common goal, which is to stay married and deal with everything together, so I don’t think there’s any fear of [divorce]. But it’s definitely not easy.”

Patton also discusses her iconic role as a reporter in the comics. In season 6, Iris will finally come into her own as a reporter. Whether or not she wins a Pulitzer Prize this season remains to be seen. However, she’ll finally be making huge strides towards that future. Patton explains, “I didn’t want the show to end without us doing that, you know, comic book fans know her as this ace reporter, and so I wanted us to get to that before it’s all said and done.”

So can fans hope for more girls nights out this season? “Maybe during the crossovers,” she suggests. If there’s a chance for a teamup between Lois Lane and Iris West-Allen, sign us up!

Watch our interview with Patton below, where she discusses season 6 and the importance of diversity behind the camera.

The Flash season 6 premieres Tuesday, Oct. 8 at 8/7c on The CW.

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