Jeremy Jordan To Return To ‘Supergirl’

Castings can do one of two things – make me happy as fuck or make me want to kick someone. Most of the time I am like, well fuck, anyone can be a casting agent.

Then there a lot of times where I get happy over things that happen.

When Jermey Jordan departed Supergirl, I was sad. I love him. I loved him on Broadway, have loved him in movies, and television. But I loved Wynn.

Well my happiness with Supergirl is coming back a little bit. Why? Because he’s returning. I mean sure, it’s only for 3 episodes apparently, but I will take them.

“Turns out Winn didn’t go 1000 years into the future, just to season 5!” the actor wrote in an Instagram post. “So happy to come back and play with my friendsssssss!!”

Now I know it’s not forever, but I will take what I can get. Even if it’s the crossover episodes that are always horrendous.

Supergirl returns Sunday, Oct. 6, on The CW.

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