Henry Golding To Star In ‘Snake Eyes’


I don’t want to watch a G.I. Joe movie, but I am going to. Sure, there are men in uniform and that’s a good thing, but that is not why I’m going to go and see the G.I. Joe spinoff: Snake Eyes.

Why am I going to see it? Because his hotness Henry Golding is going to star.

I shouldn’t even have to explain that one.

Robert Schwentke is directing and the movie is being written by Beauty and the Beast scribe Evan Spiliotopoulos. Paramount is releasing the film.

Do I know anything about G.I. Joe ? Nope. Not interested in learning about it either. I’ll just take someone telling me what it’s about.

Snake Eyes is special mercenary on the G.I. Joe armed forces, specifically a ninja commando. In the comic-book, his body was burned, hence the reason why he’s clad in black. In the comic-book (a plotline that was adapted into the movies), we learn that Snake eyes is the brother of Storm Shadow, his arch rival who works for G.I. Joe’s main enemy, Cobra.

Again, all I care about is that Henry Golding is in the movie. Am I the only one?


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