Is Taylor Swift Going On Tour For ‘Lover’?

This week my entire life has revolved around one thing – listening to Taylor Swift’s Lover. The album is definitely one of her best, and I didn’t think that anything could ever out do 1989.

As a fan of hers there is only one thing that I want to know: when and where can I see her on tour. After all, no one puts a show on like Taylor.

But when Taylor was asked about it on Ryan Seacrest, if she was going to tour in support of Lover, the answer may surprise you. And then again, if you’re a fan of Taylor’s – it may not.

“I was so full-on planning this album release and directing the videos and putting all these different clues in these videos and trying to make this album release experience the most fun one for my fans, that I didn’t wanna plan what we’re gonna do in terms of live, and I don’t want to do the same thing every time because I don’t want my life to feel like I’m on a treadmill,” Taylor said in the interview with Ryan Seacrest.

“Stadiums are fun,” she added. “Stadiums are amazing — I love stadiums, I just don’t know if we’re going to do the same thing as we did last time.”

“My goal for whatever live setting that we decide to do things in, is gonna be to try to make it feel smaller like a living room,” she said.

Sounds like tickets for Taylor’s concerts will become even more of a hot commodity.

What are your thoughts on Lover?

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