5 Things We’d Like To See On Taylor Swift’s New Album

If there is one thing in life that we love – it’s albums from Little Mix, One Direction and the Queen herself – Taylor Swift. Now we’re all speculating after the social media blackout that Taylor did on her social channels, but we believe a new album is coming.

US Weekly is saying that Taylor Will release her new single this Friday and we have our iTunes ready to press buy and that Swift is aiming to release an album this fall.

Well that makes us think – WHAT DO WE WANT FROM A TAYLOR SWIFT ALBUM? Let’s talk it out…


You can say what you want about Taylor Swift, but we think that part of what you can admire about her is that she stands up for herself. She doesn’t take anyones shit. She’s not going to back down, because she knows that no matter what people are going to judge her. The thing is – she knows that many people look up to her. She knows that she can take a stand and make a difference.

And she gets more shit than any of us can ever live with. Sure, we’ve all been there with the she dates too many people, she goes through men – but hey, don’t we all. We just get to do it from the privacy of our own lives, because we aren’t famous.

Taylor is out there taking one for the team, making sure that we all know it’s okay to be ourselves. She’s out there letting it be known that no matter what happens, no matter what you’ve been through – it’s okay to own your truth. It’s okay to say “this happened to me” and to speak up about the good and the bad.

We can’t wait to see this all translated into song.


The world judges Taylor and we all think that we know. But what do we really know about her? A whole lot of nothing. Life is more than what we think we know from reading the newspaper or websites. We know what a carefully crafted image tells us. We know what we think that we derive from her songs.

But that’s part of the beauty of Taylor. What we think we know is because we can see those moments she sings about as something familiar from our own lives. We don’t know exactly what it all means – we don’t know what she’s really speaking about unless she tells us what it’s about. We don’t know Taylor, but somehow Taylor knows us.

So we need her to spill some truth tea. We need her to spill some truth tea and we don’t even need to know what it’s about. We just need something that speaks the words that we can’t say.

And no lie we want her to address the Kim Kardashian situation.


Look, hate the term “squad.” HATE IT. But what I mean is I want her to address friendship. I want a song about friends. I want to her to address what a big deal that was made of her friendships. I want to hear from Taylor about the ups and downs of friendship, the way that things can go, but also the way that people can pull each other through. I just want to hear about something other than friendship and just how strong people can be when they empower each other.


Personal preference – because I am getting over someone and I don’t know how to let it all go. Heartache is a bitch and I don’t know how to deal with it. Now, there are songs for every occasion and I have needed one from Taylor Swift for my newest situation. Nothing fits perfectly, but I know… I just know that something will be there for me. I know it.


Then again, when is she not? She’s an icon of the times. I can’t wait for whatever Taylor throws at us next.

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