Cassandra Amell Joins The Cast Of ‘Roswell’ In A Recurring Role

We miss Roswell so very much, but hey, we know that there are things like breaks and people living their lives and all of that.

But we also know that the second season is currently filming, so that gives us hope and joy for what is yet to come.

But what also gives us joy? Well that’s when there are new cast members announced and added to a show.

Cassandra Jean Amell has been added to the cast of Roswell in a recurring role. The actress will play, “Louise, an alien seeking refuge in 1947 Roswell, the year of the real-life UFO incident there.”

Louise is a pacifist, but surviving in a brand new world, afraid, separated from her children, she has no choice to do what she has to in order to survive.

And we can’t wait to see just how bad ass she is.

Season 2 of Roswell will premiere mid-season on The CW.

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