3 Things We Want To See From ‘Chicago Med’ Season 5

The fourth season of Chicago Med ended with so many open storylines and cliffhangers galore that we having been hanging on the edge of our seats waiting for the season five premiere! Now that we’re just a few days away from the dream becoming a reality it’s time to talk about what we want to see. We’re going to break our wishlist down for you along with a little recap about where our beloved characters were left at season four’s end. 

Our ship being safe and sound


The last time we saw our main ship Manstead (Will and Natalie), things were about to be repaired but then they were t-boned by the family Will had been working with the FBI to put away. Natalie was thrown from the car!  We need Natalie to be ok because she is a huge part of this show. We also really want to see Manstead reunite this season, for good this time. We have enjoyed Ian Harding’s guest role and his little fling with Natalie but it’s time to get the Manstead ship steering ahead. 

Reconciliation between Ethan and April

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Ethan and April have been teetering on the edge of reconciliation since mid-way through season four but his sister’s complicated life has made things challenging. The last moment April and Ethan shared, though, was April letting Ethan know that her period is late. We so hope April is pregnant! She lost a baby earlier in the series and it was so heartbreaking. Along with the possible pregnancy, April and Ethan need to figure things out because they are also a great ship on this show but they have very different views on life and family.  We hope for a reunion for this couple as well but we also want them to take steps toward a healthy relationship.

 Dr. Charles having some sort of happily-ever-after

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Dr. Charles remarried his ex-wife Caroline at the end of season four but she has cancer and her treatments haven’t helped, at all. Robin, their daughter, advised against the marriage because of all the circumstances around it like the couple’s history and Caroline’s illness. Listen, we want Dr. Charles to get a happily-ever-after because he is one of our favorite characters but we don’t see this ending well. Caroline will most likely die and that will send Dr. C into a spiraling depression which is great for TV drama but awful for the character. We hope she lives and somehow beats the disease. If that can’t happen, we hope Dr. Charles will handle the tragedy well and be able to move on and find a happy ending.

We would add the Connor and Ava drama of her probably murdering his father to this list but both actors left the show with that major cliffhanger. Though Connor has been seen in photos from the season five premiere. That’s going to be a mystery to unravel in itself. So, what do the rest of you hope to see (or not see) when Chicago Med returns? 

Chicago Med returns September 25th on NBC.

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